Saturday, July 27, 2013

Back and Well Rested!

I got back from my little vacation in Baltimore actually last Sunday.  I had an absolutely wonderful time!  Love my son's new house and neighborhood.  When I thought of actually living in the city I always think of the television show "The Wire".  Well, this neighborhood is NOT the wire!  Stately brown and grey stone's; neighbors speaking to each other by name, they even know the dogs name; trees and neighborhood parks plus the ability to walk to a great restaurant; theater; or museum.   I could learn to love this city life.  It was so very HOT though!  Actually hotter there than here in TN.  I am so glad I took my straw hat (a fashionable one, not my garden hat).  I was quite the "Southern Bell". :)  Anyway, I am well rested and so very glad I have such a thoughtful son and daughter-in-law.

I can tell I am well rested because my creative juices were running today----I suppose it could also be the "little blue pill", but that is another story!  I finally finished quilting the "Yin-Yang".  Again I don't know why it took so long, but it is done.  I also quilted two baby quilts I am going to give to the Guild for distribution to the charity we have chosen this year.  I also made a quilt.  It is such a simple quilt and although I made a larger one like it last year, it was made a different way.  This way is much simpler.  I am going to gift it to my daughter's "Significant Other's" daughter.


Neither of the quilts have been trimmed yet.  The one above is a free pattern on the Moda Bake Shop site.  I had a couple of strip rolls I had purchased a while ago from Connecting Threads which was perfect for the quilt.  My goal is to use from my stash if at all possible.

While in Baltimore I purchased 36 yards of beautiful African fabs.  I would have loved to get more but my budget was restricted this time. I also got a Kantra coat from India.    I read about them on the Material Obsession blog and really wanted one!  So pleased I am!

Hopefully I can keep my productivity up!  I am really behind on the finished quilts compared to last year.  Now for the boring part---binding!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Just Checking In!

I haven't blogged recently but I have been reading blogs and making plans to post but-----.

I am getting ready to go on a little vacation.  I am going to visit oldest son and his wife in Baltimore and while there, attend Artscrape.  I am really looking forward to the visit.  These two spoil me wonderfully!!!  Already they have schedule an afternoon at the Spa as soon as I get off the plane.  They did the same thing last year and I had to be awakened to get ready to go.  That good smelling oil, the music (with birds chirping no less) and those warm rocks are the "bomb"!  I am going to also go to my favorite fabric store and stock up on african prints.  All in all, I intend to forget I am a working woman and pretend I am one of leisure with an unlimited bank account :)!

On the quilting front---I am dyeing fabric for a specific quilt pattern.  The colors didn't come out quite like I wanted, but that is okay!  It is sorta not my usual style, but then I think it is okay to "stretch" yourself.

I am still not finished quilting Yin-Yang!  I don't know what the problem is!  It has never taken me quite this long to complete a quilt before.  I have just about 3 more passes to go though and I will be done.  I committed to making some drapes for my son though a LONG time ago and am in the process of finishing them up to take with me, so no quilting this week-end!

Well, just wanted to check in!  More (with pics) to follow!