Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy Day!!

I had my day all planned---I was going to clean the house and then sew most of the day! I stayed up late last night because my Grandson was bidding on E-Bay for a basketball card (he won the bid at $4.67---he is 8 years old). I always am the first one to get up in the morning so I stayed up late purposely so I would sleep late. So, I was snozing away when my cell phone rang (I sleep with it next to me in case the telephones go out----remember I have a very cautious husband), anyway, it was the hospital---"Good Morning Patricia---how are you?". I immediately knew---I was suppose to be at work. Oh My Gosh!!!!! I am coming! I live at least 30-45 minutes from the hospital. I had to shower, iron my scrubs (I can NOT wear wrinkled clothes), put on a bit of make-up, do something with my very unruly hair and get out the door. It was 7:00 A.M. when they called---I clocked in at 8:04!!!!

It was a busy day---there were 10 babies in the nursery and 12 people on Postpartum----no one delivered today although several came in for evaluation. At any rate---I was "too tired" by noon!!!! I only work 2 days a month---you would think I would get it right!

When I got home though, I had a package waiting for me!!! My Guild is having a challenge---I might have mentioned it in a earlier post. We drew paint sample cards (mine had two purples, a cool green, and a sorta gold) and we are to make quilts depicting either a landscape or cityscape with two of those colors as a part of the fabric mix. It should contain a star and have something in it that reflects where we are from. I have this great idea, but didn't have the fabrics in my stash, so I ordered from Hancocks of Puducah. The fabrics are beautiful!!!! (as you can see). I can hardly wait to begin---I hope it turns out as I picture it---that doesn't always happen with my quilts. All the fabrics are batiks (my favorites)---the different colors and shades will really enhance their use in this type of quilt!

Well--it's time for bed! I checked and I don't have to work tomorrow, so I will TRY to sleep in!


Friday, January 30, 2009


This time I am determined to create a nice blog---but it is not as easy as I thought. I have been trying to put up a really cute background like so many others have, but for some reason I can't. Now I have added some gadgets and a picture of a wrench shows up---can't figure out how to get it off.

I have added some nice features---and took down some. The idea of a "day in history" was interesting until I saw what was posted today----so I changed to "sayings by Socrates". Then I did a countdown to certainly my favorite thing---the AQS show. I also listed my finishes and yet to be finishes. In looking at the "yet to be finishes" I found that I am starting a pattern here. My quilts get finished up to the point where bindings are needed. How many of you also do that? That is my least favorite thing to do in quilting. I don't know why---but I hate it. It seems so mundane---but alas, I am going to do better.

I have posted a picture of my latest finish---the green string. It was made from a Jelly Roll I got at Joann's. Not bad fabric actually---the border and the green polka dots matched perfectly. I am finding that the fabric there is of much better still doesn't replace quilt shops but in a pinch or to use those coupons---not bad. BTW, the latest flyer had a 50% off. They had stopped and gone only to 40% but I guess the recession is hitting them as well. My biggest complaint however is, you can't use them on sale items and usually everything I want is already on sale---sometimes it seems like the entire store is in fact on sale.

Well--gotta go!

Have a good one!


Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Winter Storm!

Almost every county closed schools----salt trucks were on the side of the road waiting for the snow! I cancelled my clinical---didn't want my students on the road. My husband had purchased a generator last year and has been itching to use it. He went to the store---got fuel and cranked it up in the garage to make sure it was in working condition. He also went to the store and purchased several small space heaters, numerous can goods. I had lots of quilts and we were READY---come on snow. WELLLLL--I don't know where it went, but it sure didn't come here. The snow pictured below is the only snow/ice we got.

Today it is in the high 40's. The sun is shinning bright, and there is NO hint of snow---today OR yesterday. It did rain, and the temp fell, but nothing froze. Now I am not complaining-----I was caught in that ice storm last winter in Oklahoma that left Tulsa looking like it had been bombed (due to all the trees that fell under the weight of the ice). The city was without electricity for a couple of weeks (in some areas). I am glad we didn't have to put all our plans into action.

Now my husband---I am not so sure about---I think he really wanted to fire up that generator!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Storm

I don't know about you---but winter pictures always make me sort of sad! I know, some of people actually love the "solitude" of winter---but not me.
I woke up to pouring rain and then the temps started to drop. We are now getting sleet and snow--see above. I cancelled clinical, much to the joy of my students. We would have been stuck trying to get home on potentially dangerous highways and roads---it's not worth it! Of course this means we will have to figure out a way to make-up the time---but we have some wiggle room.
Although I am not at clinical however, I still can work at home---thanks(?) to computers---so I'll go get started!
If you are in the way of the storm---be careful, if not---have a good day quilting!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Freehand Baptist Fans

Well got back from work all in one piece. It is rather cold and damp, but at this point, nothing is freezing! Hope this truth holds for tomorrow, although snow is predicted.
As I was driving to work I really looked at the colors of winter. Have you ever done that? Everything has a "grey tinge" to it. Even white houses look a bit grey. It is almost like there is a think grey vein of chiffon over everything. Remember when everyone was in to "doing their colors"? I think I was a "winter". Yuk! These colors are nothing like me---nor do I really like them. Will I be every glad for spring and summer to come! Lots of bright, "alive" colors!

Now for the Baptist Fans----I "think" they look okay (?). The grey thread looks more white than anything, but at this point I do not intend to take anything out. I figure when I wash the quilt, because it has cotton batting, it will pucker and everything will look much better. It does look like I will use a "lot" of thread. I know one thing I plan to get at the Puducah show in April (besides the strawberry shortcake), lots of thread! I think a variegated would have also looked nice---I just didn't have the right one. On well, I'll just plow ahead. I don't know how many times I start a quilt, think it look "yuk" and then once it is quilted, it doesn't look that bad!

No ICE!!!!!

We escaped!!! Although there is a LOT of rain---at this point anyway, nothing is freezing! So, school is in session. My class isn't until 1:30 P.M., so I will wait and go in later in the morning---hopefully, any ice that might have formed on bridges (I have to cross one) would have been melted by other cars. Unfortunately, my class is over at 4:30 just when the temperature is to begin to decrease. We are suppose to get 1-2 inches of snow tonight. I have a clinical at 6:30 A.M. tomorrow morning---this might be a problem since the hospital is in the same town I teach in----. Oh well---life does get in the way sometimes!--but it could sure be worst---no electricity.



Monday, January 26, 2009


I got my quilt loaded on the frame and am getting ready to take the plunge. I have mostly quilted using pantos and stipples (I am pretty good at stippling). Although I really admire those quilters who can freehand the most beautiful patterns, I have always been really nervous about trying it myself. Intellectually, I know that these beautiful quilters had to begin somewhere and that probably, their first tries were just that "first tries", but that didn't make me any braver---this time though, I am going to really try. I am going to freehand Baptist Fans. As you can see, my border has a black background---so I had a real problem in choosing a thread. I don't yet have a lot of choices, so I settled on a dove grey. Keep your fingers crossed!
I have also included a picture of my Christmas gift from my husband! He is a true "quilters husband", and always gets me a nice "quilty gift"...we have been married for a really long time (almost 40) so he knows what makes me smile! The more I smile, the more I smile at him! At any rate, the Accuquilt is great---it came with a set of templates, but the size is only for a 9 inch block--so I am saving to get a set that makes larger blocks. I also got the hexagon and have already cut out 60 or so for a quilt I plan to make. It was so easy! I think I will get the tumbler template as well.
We are expecting ice storms tonight! My DH has already tested the generator and I have a load of wash going. Hopefully it will pass us by! I have to drive about 35 miles to work (I teach nursing at a local University), so I sure hope it isn't as bad as they are predicting it might be. The good thing however is a large percentage of the student body are communters and usually with bad weather, classes are cancelled.
Take care and send good thoughts my way!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Productive Day!

I had a very good day!! I finished this quilt center I have been "working" on for a year! The pattern is out of a Fons and Porter Mag. The quilt in the magazine is made from Civil War Reproductions, but I made mine from 30's. Mine is also much more scrappy. The picture doesn't have the border on yet---I'll take a picture of that tomorrow when the light is better. I really think it turned out pretty---wait until you see the border!!!

On another subject---I absolutely love the Baptist Fan quilting design, but since I can't afford the "Circle Lord", I purchased a "groovy board. I am having a really hard time however in figuring how to use it. I do okay with the first row but can't seem to line up the second one correctly. I was reading however another Blog (Making Scrap Quilts from Stash) and Mary mentioned a web site that had directions for freehand fans. I've been practicing and it really looks pretty good! I may use that to quilt this quilt--since it is so busy, it would certainly hide my mistakes well. I'll see!
Cold weather is moving in----stay warm!!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let's Give This One More Try!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to begin blogging "yet again"---but not only have changed e-mail addresses, but had forgotten my password----so in trying to access my original blog, "My Quilting Adventure", I ended up setting up a new one----"Patricia's---My Quilting Adventure". It's just as well since I want to start anew---so why not with a new name.

I love the concept of blogging and have quite a few favorites. I may not get on each day, but my intent is to at least try to make an entry at least once a week.

As the name implies---my Blog will be about my quilting adventures. I have been quilting for at least 15 years, seriously for the last six or so. Last year I purchased a Gammill Premier (non-stitch regulating) and it hasn't been love at first site. In fact I haven't always had fun with this machine, but I think I am getting the "hang" of it. I make quilts mostly for myself and family, and currently have a "thing" for scrap quilts. My favorite fabric is batiks and I love the color purple.

I will post some pictures later today and really get this thing started---"yet again".

See you later today!