Friday, January 30, 2009


This time I am determined to create a nice blog---but it is not as easy as I thought. I have been trying to put up a really cute background like so many others have, but for some reason I can't. Now I have added some gadgets and a picture of a wrench shows up---can't figure out how to get it off.

I have added some nice features---and took down some. The idea of a "day in history" was interesting until I saw what was posted today----so I changed to "sayings by Socrates". Then I did a countdown to certainly my favorite thing---the AQS show. I also listed my finishes and yet to be finishes. In looking at the "yet to be finishes" I found that I am starting a pattern here. My quilts get finished up to the point where bindings are needed. How many of you also do that? That is my least favorite thing to do in quilting. I don't know why---but I hate it. It seems so mundane---but alas, I am going to do better.

I have posted a picture of my latest finish---the green string. It was made from a Jelly Roll I got at Joann's. Not bad fabric actually---the border and the green polka dots matched perfectly. I am finding that the fabric there is of much better still doesn't replace quilt shops but in a pinch or to use those coupons---not bad. BTW, the latest flyer had a 50% off. They had stopped and gone only to 40% but I guess the recession is hitting them as well. My biggest complaint however is, you can't use them on sale items and usually everything I want is already on sale---sometimes it seems like the entire store is in fact on sale.

Well--gotta go!

Have a good one!


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