Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Winter Storm!

Almost every county closed schools----salt trucks were on the side of the road waiting for the snow! I cancelled my clinical---didn't want my students on the road. My husband had purchased a generator last year and has been itching to use it. He went to the store---got fuel and cranked it up in the garage to make sure it was in working condition. He also went to the store and purchased several small space heaters, numerous can goods. I had lots of quilts and we were READY---come on snow. WELLLLL--I don't know where it went, but it sure didn't come here. The snow pictured below is the only snow/ice we got.

Today it is in the high 40's. The sun is shinning bright, and there is NO hint of snow---today OR yesterday. It did rain, and the temp fell, but nothing froze. Now I am not complaining-----I was caught in that ice storm last winter in Oklahoma that left Tulsa looking like it had been bombed (due to all the trees that fell under the weight of the ice). The city was without electricity for a couple of weeks (in some areas). I am glad we didn't have to put all our plans into action.

Now my husband---I am not so sure about---I think he really wanted to fire up that generator!

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