Monday, January 26, 2009


I got my quilt loaded on the frame and am getting ready to take the plunge. I have mostly quilted using pantos and stipples (I am pretty good at stippling). Although I really admire those quilters who can freehand the most beautiful patterns, I have always been really nervous about trying it myself. Intellectually, I know that these beautiful quilters had to begin somewhere and that probably, their first tries were just that "first tries", but that didn't make me any braver---this time though, I am going to really try. I am going to freehand Baptist Fans. As you can see, my border has a black background---so I had a real problem in choosing a thread. I don't yet have a lot of choices, so I settled on a dove grey. Keep your fingers crossed!
I have also included a picture of my Christmas gift from my husband! He is a true "quilters husband", and always gets me a nice "quilty gift"...we have been married for a really long time (almost 40) so he knows what makes me smile! The more I smile, the more I smile at him! At any rate, the Accuquilt is great---it came with a set of templates, but the size is only for a 9 inch block--so I am saving to get a set that makes larger blocks. I also got the hexagon and have already cut out 60 or so for a quilt I plan to make. It was so easy! I think I will get the tumbler template as well.
We are expecting ice storms tonight! My DH has already tested the generator and I have a load of wash going. Hopefully it will pass us by! I have to drive about 35 miles to work (I teach nursing at a local University), so I sure hope it isn't as bad as they are predicting it might be. The good thing however is a large percentage of the student body are communters and usually with bad weather, classes are cancelled.
Take care and send good thoughts my way!

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