Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Thoughts (Again)!

Nothing really new happening---I worked on my Kaffe/Strip Quilt and almost have it quilted. I did hit a real milestone---I figured out how to adjust my tension on the LA. I had terrible tension on the back, but the front was I got out the book and found that if the tension is bad on the back--it is the intermittent tension that is too loose. So I tightened, and then tightened again and voila---much better! I was told that the learning curve on a longarm (Premier--non-stitch regulated) is a bit steep. I am finally (I think) getting the "hang" of it.

I am also about 1/2 done with the other sock. I have ordered some neat yarn and absolutely beautiful double point needles---AND I saw a great site and got every size of bamboo needles for $29. The comments were very positive so I hope I made the right decision. The patterns for socks I want to make require different size needles than I have and it just seemed to make sense I should have every size available ----plus I am doing my share in helping the economy :-)

I have to work tomorrow--so I will make this post short (and unfortunately without pics). Next week is Spring Break so I should have lots of updates to post---

Have a great Saturday!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One down; One to Go!

I have finished one of my socks!! Although I have made socks for my Granddaughter when she was a baby, I have never made socks for adults. It wasn't really hard at all and I like the fact that socks finish pretty fast.
There are some mistakes, but I think since I haven't made a sock in 15 years, it is pretty good. I tried it on and it really fits pretty good!
I should have the next one finished within the week! ---- and then watch out---everyone in the family will have quilts AND socks to keep them warm!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Progress

I decided I wouldn't put mitered corners on after taking another look. Mitered corners seemed too "formal" for this quilt---in addition to the fact that miters take more fabric---for once I really didn't have that much fabric so I decided to do the normal border. I really think it looks nice--the stripes add a bit of "interest". If you click on the picture you should be able to see more detail.

I have already put it on the frame and have started quilting. I decided to use a tight stipple --it is turning out pretty good. I think I will make this quilt again---this time with batiks.

All in all it was a good day---got some laundry done, did some work work, and even cooked dinner.

Have a great evening!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Almost Finished!

I am almost finished with my "Mixtape" quilt (go to "Oh, Fransson" site Etsy Shop where you should be able to purchase the pattern). It has turned out pretty good---don't you think! I now need to put on the border. I think I will miter the edges---the strip of the ticking will look better I think. I really enjoyed working with the "non-traditional" quilting fabric (ticking). I don't wash my fabrics before I use them, so I can imagine when I do I will get that nice wrinkled look. The Kaffe prints make a great contrast. I have to tell you though, when using a stripe, you really have to be careful in lining everything up.

At any rate, I will put the borders on and then load it for quilting. Later I think I will work on the Guild Challenge a bit. That is really becoming a bit more complicated than I thought it would be.

Have a great Saturday!!!


Friday, February 20, 2009

It really looks like a SOCK!

I am proud of myself---yea!!!! My knitting is really starting to look like a sock (this is a ankle length sock) AND I made a mistake and I fixed it myself. Usually when I make a mistake, I have to take it apart and start all over. Not this time----I did notice however that I have a hole in the side---don't know why but I think I didn't pull it tight enough when I moved from one needle to the other. At any rate, I am NOT taking it down---I'll just use thread to fix it once I am done.

The next pair I knit I am going to get some really nice wool. I found some really reasonable sites that I can order from. Boy, I had forgotten how expensive yarn can be---$22.00 per ball--too rich for my blood---at least now since I am not that proficient. At any rate, I am enjoying my new hobby. I think I will knit DH a pair--he wears crocs all the time and these socks are perfect for a shoe like that. When I told him, he just smiled---remember he doesn't understand why I would take so much time to knit something that can be purchased so easily. Wait until he wears them, he will understand why.

I have decided to do what I had said I wasn't going to do---start another quilt. This one however is a BOM that my Guild is doing. We have a 16 inch block each month. We each make it in our own choice of fabric and at the end, it will be fun to see how different each quilt will be even though we will all have the same block patterns.
I have decided to use my bag of hand-dyed scraps. I started buying these at both the Nashville and Puducah AQS shows. As you can see, I have quite a big bag full now. This will be the second quilt I am attempting to make from the scraps---another BOM. Although these are scraps bags, some of the scraps are almost FQ size. I did however, buy some full FQ's for the other BOM since I am using the deep jewel colors. For the Guild BOM, I am going to use the pastels more. We'll see how it turns out and if I have enough. Who knows, I may have to buy some more!
I have some work to do and then later this afternoon I will sew and knit a bit.

Have a great day!!!



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Thoughts!

I really enjoy reading other blogs--I often get new information, and always enjoy reading about the "quilting adventure" of others.

It is true that we are more alike than different--but I find that quilters share even more "traits". For instance---many of us are nurses or in some type of "caring" or service field. I wonder if the "nurturing" genes we share translate to our joy in making quilts, since they have always been associated with caring. There is nothing more nurturing than to wrap up in a warm quilt when you are feeling sad, sick or even happy for that matter.

We also are usually involved in other "hand crafts". Knitting seems to be a common thread among quilters. I find that many of us use knitting as an alternative craft---I do as well. I certainly aren't as good as some of you are--and since I am self taught, I hold my needles very differently, and knit much slower. I really enjoy it and decided that I would pick my needles up again (I have lots!--) and have started a pair of socks---see picture. I bought some sock yard at Joanne's and although I am slow, I am doing pretty good. I have made socks before--for GD#1 when she was little, so I pulled out the "learn how" book and it is beginning to come back. My DH doesn't quite understand why I am knitting socks when I can buy an entire pack at Wally Word for less than the cost of yarn---but then that is another story.

We also have pets---most often cats---but quite a few of us have dogs. Again this shows our nuturing spirit...and of course, I don't think you could find a nicer, more helpful group of individuals. Just go to a quilt shop or anyplace that sells fabric and ask a general question....or stand in line at a cutting table and strike up a general conversation... or go to a quilt show. I enjoy those encounters as much as I enjoy the quilts.

Well---I absolutely must clean the house a bit. I have become quite lax---I would much rather be quilting. Say---this is probably something else we all share....NOT spic and span homes!!!!!



Friday, February 13, 2009

One Finish Done!!!

I finished the binding on this quilt last night. I took it outside to take pictures but the wind was blowing---hence the wrinkle. If you click on the picture you should be able to get a close-up of the quilting. It really doesn't look too bad after all. I think it was a pretty good choice for this quilt.
I plan on putting the binding on another quilt and sewing it down this week-end---or at least getting a good start. I want to finish at least two of the projects I have going before I start a new one---at least that is my plan. Hopefully nothing will attract my attention.
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day---I plan to work so I anticipate mine will be nothing special.
Stay safe!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Busy! Busy!

The last couple of days have been very busy....both at home and at work. There also hasn't really been anything of interest to post.

I continue to work on sewing the binding on my quilt. At this point I have two sides done and about 1/3 of the third. I am noticing that my finger is getting sore where I pull the needle through. I really don't know why, but it is really sensitive. I will have to investigate some remedies.

Today was so windy---gush up to 70 miles per hour. I was leaving work and I honestly thought I was going to be blown away. I decided since I drive a small SUV (a Honda Element), that I would wait the wind out. On my way home I saw two cars---much heavier than mine that had been blown off the road.

Oklahoma had tornadoes---both my husband and I have family there but we were all blessed and the storms although in the vicinity, wasn't close enough to cause damage. When we lived in Florida, people would talk about the hurricanes, but you had time to prepare---you knew at least a week in advance sometimes, whether a storm was coming. Tornadoes, unfortunately, don't give you that much advance notice!

Let's also include the families in Australian in our prayers for safety!

Hugs and stay safe!!!


Monday, February 9, 2009


I finished quilting and rather than stack it up with the other "needing binding" quilts, I made my binding and applied it right away. I am now in the process of sewing it down by hand. There are some ladies in my Guild that do a beautiful job on applying the binding by machine, but when I try it looks kind of "tacky". I keep doing it by hand.

I have pictures of the three tools that have made putting on and sewing bindings a bit more tolerable. Two I found at the AQS show in Puducah last year---the binding tool and the custom thimble.

You know the debate---do you leave the mitered corner open or stitch it closed. This tool takes care of that since the corners are closed when finished. In addition, rather than one long binding strip, you bind each side with separate strips. I know I am not explaining it clearly, but should you ever be in a place that sells this little tool---buy it!

The next great tool is my thimble. I always had trouble finding one that fit---either they were too small or too large. Either made my finger feel hot, or even in some cases numb. They often didn't really protect my fingers and most of the time I ended up taking it off and enduring numerous pricks. This thimble is guaranteed!!! If for some reason it no longer fits or stops serving it's purpose, you can get another one. They come in sizes, so it fits my finger perfectly and it is made of some type of rubber-like material, so although it is flexible and comfy, needles don't go through. It is a bit pricey---but again, I feel worth the price since sometimes my finger would bleed from pushing the needle through.

The next thing are the quilt clips. Again, I use to scratch up my legs from the pins, not to mention the pins that would fall out of my quilt only to hide in the carpet, waiting for a foot to jump into. Because we don't wear shoes in our house, everyone has a story to tell about stepping on a pin from my quilt. With these clips that is a thing of the past. What I think is interesting however is they are now hard to find. I originally purchased them from Joann's but I can't find them there now. The Walmart is stopping selling fabric and when I was in there the other day looking around, I saw two packs--which I purchased immediately. I don't know why they are so hard to find---it is a great tool.

Anyway---I am procrastinating---I need to go back to sewing on that binding!



Sunday, February 8, 2009


I was up bright and early, determined to finish quilting this quilt. Because it was the first time I had tried Baptist Fans (freehand no less), I was really anxious. My cousin, Margaret, called yesterday after attending a quilt show (she is a new quilter) and although I think she is doing a beautiful job as a new quilter, she doesn't really agree. I told her however, that we are usually hardest on ourselves. I am no exception. Even though I know there is no way I was going to be perfect doing anything freehand. In fact have seen hundreds of quilts that were custom quilted freehand that weren't perfect, yet still beautiful---I somehow think (I guess) I will be different. Hopefully I will eventually become more comfortable with mistakes and then hopefully I will become any rate, I am done. I certainly see mistakes, it isn't always even, but it doesn't look bad. As I mentioned in an earlier post, because the thread matched so well in the middle, I over quilted some areas, but even I can't find them. I am still going to wash it, and block it (maybe) after I bind it and I hope you won't see any mistakes at all. One thing I did notice, the black border had "runs" in it in some places (you know like nylon stockings get). My needle was new and I am not sure why it did, but I am not going to use dark fabrics with as much dark open spaces in the border again---it might be specific to the color. Anyway, take a look at the pictures---above. I tried to get different views---if you click on the picture you will get a closer look.

Now I am going to now start binding quilts before I really begin another one. I hate this part, but it is necessary to have a finished quilt. I think I will bind this one in the same green that is the small border. I also pieced the back so I have used up some of my stash.
Have a absolutely grand day!!!! It is already 64 degrees and it is only 11:30!!!! I am so happy with myself, I may even cook dinner today!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I AM getting Visitors!!!!!

I know the purpose of a Blog has absolutely nothing to do with how many people visit, but it is still nice to know that others might be interested.

I finally figured out how to put up one of those really nice layout's. In doing so however, I wiped out my visitor counter. In putting it back, I discovered the "manager" and in investigating, discovered that I really have had quite a few visitors!!!!! Although the number was increasing, I thought it still might be counting me---since I visit a lot in one setting (I always forget something, or inadvertently wipe something out). At any rate, I will not pay attention to the number of (or lack of) comments--and THANKS for visiting.

Today is going to be a beautiful day---in the 60's, maybe even in the 70's. I have already given myself "permission" to quilt today by doing a bit of housework already! Since it is going to be a nice day, I may even get out a bit!---although I really do like to quilt, even when the sun is shinning bright!

Hopefully I will have some pics to show of my progress! Have a great "quilty" day!!



Friday, February 6, 2009


I had a productive day today! I finished my "work" work!--and then later worked on my Guild challenge. Of course, it isn't coming together as easily as I thought it would---my quilts never do....but I am forging on. I have probably completed about 1/3 but after getting a headache---decided I would stop for the night.

I worked on the quilt I am quilting. I did a good job with the thread choice after all. Although you can see it on the black border, it really blends well in the center---so well that I have a hard time seeing my previous quilting and in a couple of places found I was quilting over previously done work. Oh well, since I can't see it---no one else will either. I have to feel this way since I am NOT frogging it out. I will try to really concentrate and work on it only tomorrow and finish it. Hopefully I will have a picture soon!



What are the colors of your rainbow<

I was reading blogs this morning and found this link. I like to take "test" like this just to see what comes up. What I think is really interesting is this really does reflect how I am. Why don't you try the test! This site has other intersting "test" I think I will take. This is what the results of the quiz said about me:

"Your rainbow is intensely shaded violet, indigo, and red.

What is says about you: You are a passionate person.
You appreciate cities, technology, and other great things people have created.
Friends count on you for being honest and insightful.
You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it."

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I LOVE Quilting!!!

Isn't this the cutest picture!!! I never was an "inside" dog person!! I grew up with dogs, but they were outside dogs! My Daddy was a hunter and he also had hunting dogs, but we weren't allowed to play with them. I really thought inside dogs were dirty and made your house smelly--not to mention the "mess" they sometimes made. Anyway, we went to visit my MIL and she had an adorable poodle, Mocha. My Grandson, her Great-Grandson, loved the dog and tried to buy him from her for $5.00. She said she couldn't sell him, but that she would buy him one. When she got Coal, she called first and explained to me that he was an "inside" dog. He was house trained but could never live outside. I agreed, hesitantly, but let everyone know that at the first "accident", he was out (my daughter couldn't keep him because she has a in-home daycare). Anyway, from the first time I saw him, it was love at first sight. He is the sweetest dog--so even tempered and honestly, he is so smart. I just know he understands everything I say. As you can see, he loves my quilts as well. There are quilts all over the house, of course, and this is the one of the ones we snuggle up in to watch television.....and my house doesn't smell at all (although he does get his feet washed and "cleaned" up after coming in from outside) and he hasn't had one accident!

But I digress---

I have come to the conclusion that I absolutely LOVE quilting!!! I was once a meticulous housekeeper. Even with 5 children, people often remarked about how clean and orderly my house was. NOW---I would much rather quilt than clean. My daughter still says my house isn't bad, but that is because she loves me. I know what it looks like. Every week-end I say I am going to give the house a good cleaning and THEN quilt, but it is often the other way around and then by that time it is much too late to run a vacuum. Now it isn't filthy, but it sure could use a good straightening up. Oh well---this week-end I AM going to clean first and then sew!!

But then I digress---

I posted a picture of the quilt I have begun (with all the others). At first I wasn't so sure about the ticking and the Kaffe prints--but I really like it! I think it will be very interesting! I plan to have the strips in the border going the same as the sashing---so the sashing between rolls will be the only ones with strips going horizontal. I hope when I finish it will not be too busy!

I also began to cut out the Guild Challenge Quilt so I will add those to my list. I plan to work on each one daily---and finish quilting the quilt on the frame. I am so glad I can multi-task!!! That makes 4 projects I am currently working on!

Have a good evening! I have to go work on my quilts!


Monday, February 2, 2009

I AM going to keep this blog current!!!

I almost didn't post tonight. I still haven't gotten the counter fixed where it doesn't count my visits, so it doesn't look like I get many visitors. As such, I am tempted to not be so dilligent, no one is reading anyway, right---but then I promised I was going to follow through, since once I stop, it is hard for me to get started again. Plus, my kids may in fact be reading this--right!

So what went on today----I had clinicals today, not much going on, but it was this group of students first day in the clinical area (OB) and I think they enjoyed it. We really weren't very busy, so we left about 30 minutes early.

Since we left early I got home early---in time to quilt a bit. Yes, I broke my "sorta" promise and have started a new project. I got all 48 blocks made for my latest project, the "Mixtape Quilt" and put the first two rows together. I am making the twin size, but it is a "large" twin, so I might be able to use it on my Queen size bed even---not as a spread, but certainly to keep warm. I am using a non-traditional fabric for the sashing and border----ticking. The prints for the blocks are Kaffe prints that I have been saving for a special project. I do love his fabric patterns---really bright and color combinations you'd never think off. The quilt looks really interesting with the bright colors and navy/white ticking. The strips are horizontal in the sashing, but I will have them vertical between the rows. All in all, a neat quilt (I think, hope it will not be too "busy"). The ticking isn't real heavy so the quilt shouldn't be overly heavy. I may use a poly batting since cotton does add weight, although I really think the shrinkage that will happen when I wash it will also make the quilt look great. We'll see, if I can get a thin cotton batting then I will go for that. I got a really pretty grey floral for the backing (I mentioned that in an earlier post) so I am a bit excited about it.

I will work on the hexagon quilt tomorrow and do some quilting---myfreehand baptist fans are looking a little better, but it is slow going for me.

No pics this time. I will take some tomorrow of a couple of the quilt blocks.



Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Projects!

I have two projects I am currently working on including quilting what do I do--start another one! In reality I get sort of bored working on the same things. I have also got to get started on my Guild Challenge, so I will be working on 4 projects. I think that will be the limit for me. Oh yea, I am also doing 3 BOM's, but those don't count right---since I am only making one block at a time.