Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I LOVE Quilting!!!

Isn't this the cutest picture!!! I never was an "inside" dog person!! I grew up with dogs, but they were outside dogs! My Daddy was a hunter and he also had hunting dogs, but we weren't allowed to play with them. I really thought inside dogs were dirty and made your house smelly--not to mention the "mess" they sometimes made. Anyway, we went to visit my MIL and she had an adorable poodle, Mocha. My Grandson, her Great-Grandson, loved the dog and tried to buy him from her for $5.00. She said she couldn't sell him, but that she would buy him one. When she got Coal, she called first and explained to me that he was an "inside" dog. He was house trained but could never live outside. I agreed, hesitantly, but let everyone know that at the first "accident", he was out (my daughter couldn't keep him because she has a in-home daycare). Anyway, from the first time I saw him, it was love at first sight. He is the sweetest dog--so even tempered and honestly, he is so smart. I just know he understands everything I say. As you can see, he loves my quilts as well. There are quilts all over the house, of course, and this is the one of the ones we snuggle up in to watch television.....and my house doesn't smell at all (although he does get his feet washed and "cleaned" up after coming in from outside) and he hasn't had one accident!

But I digress---

I have come to the conclusion that I absolutely LOVE quilting!!! I was once a meticulous housekeeper. Even with 5 children, people often remarked about how clean and orderly my house was. NOW---I would much rather quilt than clean. My daughter still says my house isn't bad, but that is because she loves me. I know what it looks like. Every week-end I say I am going to give the house a good cleaning and THEN quilt, but it is often the other way around and then by that time it is much too late to run a vacuum. Now it isn't filthy, but it sure could use a good straightening up. Oh well---this week-end I AM going to clean first and then sew!!

But then I digress---

I posted a picture of the quilt I have begun (with all the others). At first I wasn't so sure about the ticking and the Kaffe prints--but I really like it! I think it will be very interesting! I plan to have the strips in the border going the same as the sashing---so the sashing between rolls will be the only ones with strips going horizontal. I hope when I finish it will not be too busy!

I also began to cut out the Guild Challenge Quilt so I will add those to my list. I plan to work on each one daily---and finish quilting the quilt on the frame. I am so glad I can multi-task!!! That makes 4 projects I am currently working on!

Have a good evening! I have to go work on my quilts!


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