Sunday, February 8, 2009


I was up bright and early, determined to finish quilting this quilt. Because it was the first time I had tried Baptist Fans (freehand no less), I was really anxious. My cousin, Margaret, called yesterday after attending a quilt show (she is a new quilter) and although I think she is doing a beautiful job as a new quilter, she doesn't really agree. I told her however, that we are usually hardest on ourselves. I am no exception. Even though I know there is no way I was going to be perfect doing anything freehand. In fact have seen hundreds of quilts that were custom quilted freehand that weren't perfect, yet still beautiful---I somehow think (I guess) I will be different. Hopefully I will eventually become more comfortable with mistakes and then hopefully I will become any rate, I am done. I certainly see mistakes, it isn't always even, but it doesn't look bad. As I mentioned in an earlier post, because the thread matched so well in the middle, I over quilted some areas, but even I can't find them. I am still going to wash it, and block it (maybe) after I bind it and I hope you won't see any mistakes at all. One thing I did notice, the black border had "runs" in it in some places (you know like nylon stockings get). My needle was new and I am not sure why it did, but I am not going to use dark fabrics with as much dark open spaces in the border again---it might be specific to the color. Anyway, take a look at the pictures---above. I tried to get different views---if you click on the picture you will get a closer look.

Now I am going to now start binding quilts before I really begin another one. I hate this part, but it is necessary to have a finished quilt. I think I will bind this one in the same green that is the small border. I also pieced the back so I have used up some of my stash.
Have a absolutely grand day!!!! It is already 64 degrees and it is only 11:30!!!! I am so happy with myself, I may even cook dinner today!!!!

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