Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Birthday/Christmas Gift

My birthday is the coming up (next week in fact)!  As a child I NEVER got a birthday gift instead getting a combination birthday/Christmas gift.  I was never really happy about that and couldn't understand why I had to sacrifice my gift just because my parents didn't plan well and I was born close to the holidays.

My husband surprised me with a birthday gift, that because I love it so, it also qualifies as an early Christmas gift.  I have been talking about getting another embroidery machine.  I have done lots of research, talked to people who had one asking their opinions, went to local shops trying to figure out the best way to go.  I have a smaller Brother embroidery machine that I got when I was living in Florida.  It actually makes beautiful stitches, better than my Viking even, but it uses a small hoop (as does my Viking).    In addition, I am not able to get designs from the Internet, since it is incompatible with my computer.   I have seen some beautiful quilts that incorporated embroidery designs so I wanted to expand my quilting repertoire as well.

Anyway, according to my research, the Brother machine is an appropriate comparison to the other higher priced embroidery only machines.  It has a USB port so I have unlimited access to designs.  In addition, it has a card and so I can also use my Viking designs with it.  I mentioned this to my husband really just talking through the process not really asking him to purchase it.  I had plans to do so myself after the holidays....but, Cyber-Monday came and he got a fantastic, absolutely, FANTASTIC deal!!!!!!  I was gonna go ahead and wrap it and put it under the tree, but what the "hay", I am gonna play a little.  He said he was making up for the fact that he didn't get the "door buster" for me at Joanne's----sure glad he didn't :c)!!!!! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Pictureless" Sunday :c(

Just wanted to check in.  The holidays are fast approaching and I will have company this year.  My favorite nephew and his family and my middle son and his significant other will be here.  It took me all day to clean my kitchen yesterday.  Not that it was that dirty, it is just that as I have aged I am easily distracted.  Had to stop and look at some magazines I found on the bakers rack, had to dance to a song I heard on the radio, had to stop to eat some yogurt, etc.  In the end, I did accomplish what I wanted, but now today I have to stay focused and clean the rest of the house---including three bathrooms!

I did manage (of course) to get some quilting in---I got up early (to clean) and instead worked on "Scrap Happy", I also finished Diane's quilt and managed to order some more Circle Lord templates (they are having a Thanksgiving Sale)---it is interesting how I can stay focused and multi-task doing things like this...maybe because it is so much more (excuse the double adjective) fun!

I am almost finished with "Scrap Happy" (pictures wouldn't really be that interesting since it looks like the last ones---just bigger) and have decided to add a border.  I just can't seem to make a "small" quilt----I want my quilts to cover my bed if possible, so I am going to add a 6 inch border to the sides.  I have "thought" it out, and my plan is to stay with the scrappiness.  I think it will work out!  If not, it is my quilt and I will  love it anyway.  I am going to use one of the new templates to quilt it.  Since it has so many seams, I will not quilt it as heavy, going for "soft".

I am also getting ready for the "Friday After" sales.  It is tradition for my daughter, my niece and grand-niece and a friend to go shopping, leaving the house at midnight!  We have so much fun.  Last year my oldest granddaughter went, and my friends daughter, they were amazed and couldn't believe we are able to stay awake that long.  I am amazed myself actually since I find it difficult to stay awake past 8pm  normally, but this is different.  My son's significant other is from Cameroon and doesn't really understand this particular custom of "Friday After" shopping.  I am not sure if she will go, but my son and she will meet us for lunch when we stop to get "energized".  It may not require such long hours this year since so many of the stores are opening on Thanksgiving evening.  In addition, my grandbabies are older and so require less "toys" and more substantial gifts which may not (or may) take as much time.  At any rate, it is a custom that I personally enjoy, but realize it isn't for everyone. 

My DH is going to go to the Joanne Fabric Doorbuster on Wednesday for me!  I have a early clinical and so can't make it, and really want this doorbuster-----hopefully he will be up for the challenge.  I really appreciate him doing this for me though, especially since he says women after a deal "scare" him :c)!  He says however, if I miss this deal, I "scare" him more!!!!!   I am going to work with him today on appropriate strategies to use :c)!

Well, gotta get focused and get to work!  I DO NOT want to spend all day cleaning!  Have a blessed Sunday!  and thanks so much for stopping by!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Random Thoughts!

I wrote in an earlier post acknowledging that this is not my most favorite time of year.  Fall has always been a time of change and reflection for me.  It might be because during Fall everything is sorta fading and folding on itself to "sleep" for the winter.  It is also my birthday, so I am always reflective.

My birthday is in December.  As a child growing up, I never got a birthday gift.  It was too close to Christmas and my Daddy would always remind me that I would get something extra for Christmas.  I never quite understood, since I didn't choose my birthday, therefore, why should I not have it recognized.  We have a son who's birthday is even closer to Christmas than mine, but we have always made a special attempt to celebrate it.  Anyway I digress----I was thinking about my birthday and remembering when I would say at 10, "gee, I will double my age at 20"; at 20 I said, I will double my age at 40, etc.  I now realize I will not likely double my age---people just usually don't live to be that old.  In thinking about that, I naturally thought about my life as it is today, and what I had hoped it would be at this age.

I had hoped  be in a stable, caring marriage---I am, we have been married so long, we actually can read each other's mind with a simple look.   My health is pretty good, and sometimes I actually have to think a minute before I say how old I am, since I don't look it nor feel it.   All our children are all taking care of themselves very well.  They are well educated, and usually quite nice people---although they certainly have their moments.  No one is in jail, or hiding out from the authorities so I am good there.   My grandchildren are absolutely wonderful, beautiful/handsome and love me as much as I love them.   I have a very rewarding job, although exhausting at times (but what job isn't).  I can honestly say what I do is important and that I am truly changing lives not to mention teaching students who will ultimately save the lives of others.  In addition, I am really good at my job, so I feel rewarded.  I live in a safe neighborhood (about as safe as any I suppose), with the majority of neighbors who are kind and friendly.  My home is nice and accommodates me and my grandchildren well.  There is even a room dedicated to my art of quilting!!!!!  I could use more money, since my art can be expensive; and more time to spend just doing what I want.  I wish I had a wider support system of friends who would drop by or invite me over, but having said that, I am not "friendless" either, just "close friendless" (here anyway).

I say all this to say, people so often spend so much time complaining about what they don't have, what they should have done, what they can't do-----particularly as they get older, they don't stop to think about what they DO have, what they have done and what they will do.....then it is too late.  I plan to try as hard as I can to double my age (and have fun doing it) but I am truly "blessed and highly favored" today.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Four More Years!!!

Oh happy day!!!!!!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Democratic Process AKA Election Day 2012

Too many people have suffered, even losing their lives so I could exercise this right  --- I will never NOT vote!!!!