Monday, December 31, 2012

2012----almost the "Past"!

The time really has gone by quickly and here we are on the last day of 2012!

In looking back on the year, I have had a very eventful year.  There were several personal family sad times, but we weathered them, and "life goes on".  I am eternally grateful for the blessings I have in family and friends!  I think I have shared that I have a job that is important in the lives of others and will touch so many more through the nurses that I assist in educating.  How more meaningful can that be.

I have learned some important lessons in life---things that will serve me well and have made some important decisions based on those lessons.  Again, how much more could you ask for.  Iyanla (sp) says in one of her books that I  read, that the "valleys" of our life are there because there is a lesson for us to learn.  We continue to dwell in the "valley" until we learn that lesson.  I think I have come out of my latest valley and it feels good.

Okay, so much for philosophy!  What are my goals (quilting) for 2013:

  • I am going to become more proficient in freehand quilting!  To accomplish this, I will take more Craftsy classes (I have enrolled in three machine quilting classes) and I will complete them and then practice (important if I am to meet my goal).
  • I will make at least three quilts with lots of negative space for my freehand quilting.
  • I will complete 1 UFO for every 2 new quilts I make.
  • Diane and I will plan our trip to Houston for "THE" show.
  • I will make at least 80% of my quilts from already purchased fabric.
  • I will extend my fabric dyeing to include batiks.

Personal Goals:

  • I will not take "throw-away" comments personally.
  • I will continue to do the very best I can without looking for or requiring approval from anyone.
  • I will love myself for who I am, just as I am....just as God created me!
  • I will revel in the opportunities that being alone affords me.

AND---I will continue to blog and share, even if I don't get a lot of comments :D!

Happy New Year!  Remember what you are doing tomorrow will be what you will be doing all year.  I have already done my shopping and so I am going to be quilting!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by---do so tomorrow as well :D


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Happenings!

We had an absolutely wonderful Holiday!  Lots of laughter, good food, hugs and kisses----and time to reflect on the reason we celebrate this day and how blessed we are.

Above is a picture of my "quilting" gifts!  I have a "issue" with being really heavy handed when pressing my blocks and again my husband and daughter was really "listening" and not just "hearing" me ramble on.  The Steady Betty is the large 16 x 16 size and from what I hear, it wasn't easy to find.  The little travel iron I was also really shocked about!  I had been looking for a new one.  I have a very expensive Rowenta one that leaks like a sieve---but I really like steam!  This little iron is really heavy AND it steams.  I can't wait to use it and see how it does.  My husband was says he was surfing the net and when he ordered the Betty this came up as a suggestion, so he purchased it mainly because it looked "neat".  I also received a new IPad, a lovely brief case and the usual gift card to Joanne's.  My husband normally gives me the Guild Retreat as a gift, but it is scheduled at a time when I can't go this time, so that money will be used for the AQS show.

I also got a new Daughter-In-Law!  I met her at Thanksgiving, but this time the news was shared!  She grew up in Paris and speaks with the most lovely accent AND I got REAL French perfume!  She is from Cameroon and her mother is sending me some African fabric!  How blessed can you be!  AND she is a really sweet girl!

All in all, everyone was very happy!  The grandbabies were spoiled beyond imagination and received  almost everything on their list----what blessed babies they are (and deserving ones as well).

Now on the quilting front----

I have been working on two projects at the same time---trying to complete one more UFO before the end of the year and quilting on Diane's quilt.  I am almost finished with Diane's quilt but will not finish the UFO in time.  In looking back on what I have accomplished through, it was a pretty good year.  I completed 25 quilts.  Included in this number was 14 quilts that were either charity or associated with Guild.  I didn't keep count of the number of quilts that I quilted.  I am going to have to think about my plans for next year.......but I am pleased with my productivity in 2012.

Well----gotta get back to work!  Have a great Saturday!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Goings On!

The "formal" tree"--  we normally have two Christmas trees.  This tree is downstairs and we open the gifts under it after breakfast.  It has ornaments that are very old---some of them the kids made for me when they were really little. 

The "Santa Tree" also known as the "Grandbabies" Tree.  The ornaments are made by the grandbabies and decorated totally by them!  Normally this is where Santa leaves his gifts, but this year we (the adults were allowed to add some gifts.  The gifts under this tree are opened as soon as the kids get up, which can be very EARLY!
I moved the new machine to my sewing table and moved the other machine to the back.  I am now all set up to sew and embroidery at the same time!
This is the quilt I am currently quilting.  It is from the group that Diane left me to quilt.  Doesn't it remind you of Christmas?  I am quilting Baptist Fan's on it and again, my tension is cooperating!  I will not be able to do much quilting in the days coming but maybe I can sneak in a little!   Look at all those project boxes in the background!  I know what my New Year's Resolution should be!
Well, just wanted to let you know I was still around, but very busy!  If I don't "talk" to you before Tuesday----have a blessed and joyful holiday!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

It My Birthday!!!!

Today is my birthday!!!!!!!  As with most people, I reflected on my life to this point, and although I have had some really difficult times, "I am blessed and highly favored"!.  The bad times I have had, have all been overshadowed by the good---so what have I to complain of?   NOTHING!!!  Things could be so much worst, plus getting old is pretty good, since the opposite of getting old is ---- dying young!

My daughter took my husband and two grandchildren out to a really good dinner.  I got a large gift certificate to Joanne's and two Pandora charms for my bracelet.  Kids called and wished me well and told me how much they loved me---it was a good day!

I also finished quilting "Gallimaufry"!  I used Til-fil bobbins in the machine and I had absolutely NO problem with tension!!!!  The back looks as good as the front.  These bobbins are a bit pricey---almost $1 per bobbin, but I ordered some!  Sometimes it is worth the money to not have to worry and fiddle with knobs.  Hopefully the new ones will work as well!  The quilt hasn't been trimmed yet but hopefully you can see the texture the quilting gave it.  I also have a picture of the back---a soft quilters flannel.  This quilt is heavy (!), I am so glad I got poly batting since cotton would have been almost too much to even lift, yet along sleep under.  This is going to be saved for really cold nights.

Tomorrow I plan to pull out a UFO---with hopes of finishing it before years end!  Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 7, 2012


83 x 97

I decided to not add the bottom border---it is large as it is and an added 7 inches would make it weird in size (the pictures really don't show the real size)----a total of 2,009 squares (and I still have some left in the container). I really love it!!!  I was able to line the squares up in the border really well with those in the body. Doesn't it look like pixels in the photo.  I am going to load it later today and then quilt it.  I am going to get a poly batting since I don't want it to crinkle when I wash it---too many seams I think---and will bind it in the bright turquoise.   I have also changed the name to "Gallimaufry" (gal-uh-maw-free), a noun that means jumble/hotchpotch.  It is a word I found while reading blogs this morning.  It seems an appropriate name.

I have also been testing out my embroidery machine.   My grandchildren spend Christmas Eve with us in anticipation for an early Christmas morning.  All of them who are in town stay including the college age one.  They get new Christmas pj's and I make them a pillowcase.  Yesterday I made three pillowcases designated for the girls...the boys will get theirs made this week-end.  They don't photograph well because of the cuff fabric (a red and white stripe), but I think you get the idea.  Instead of a contrasting little band, I used rick-rack.  The boys will have a red piping on theirs.  I love my machine---the embroidery is really great---it is bright green to match the fabric (which is m and m's).  Cute huh!  They look a little crooked in the picture---and maybe they are---but guess who isn't going to lose sleep over it. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sorta Finished!

I have finished the center of "Scrap Happy"!!!!!  This is sorta becoming an obsession.  I AM going to finish this quilt.  It is the type of quilt that would easily become a UFO-----49 2.5 inch squares per block!  The center along has 1,715 squares (counting the solid colored ones as well).  The only thing I tried to do was to not place two-like squares together, other than that, I just picked squares randomly as I sewed.   I was determined to not cut more squares, so there are duplicates, but there are so many---it really doesn't make a difference.

The container is still about 1/2 full (wow I need a new ironing board cover!).   I didn't realize how many squares you can squeeze into a relatively little container.  I am going to make a pieced border, so these squares will be put to good use....again I will not cut more but use what I have.   The quilt is currently 70 x 98----a really weird size I think, so I am only going to add borders to the sides....a total of 14 inches, so it will end up being approx. 84 x 98 which seems more reasonable.....rather than 84 x 120, if I add the border to the bottom and top as well.  Maybe I will just add a border to the sides and the bottom.  I have seem antique quilts like this----I will see how I feel after piecing the borders for the sides and how the quilt looks.  My goal is to have it done by next week-end.

I am going to bake some cookies and then my two youngest grandbabies are coming over to help decorate the Christmas Trees.  They really seem to enjoy it and it is fun to watch them.  Well, gotta go get ready. BTW---I have been "breaking" the embroidery machine in.  I have made about 4 test labels.  This machine does a really good job!!!!  I found the disc I had for the older Brother I have and they work great, so I have more designs to choose from.  I also went on-line and got some designs as well.  The only "oops" I have with the machine is the design you are using isn't clear on the screen.  It looks nothing like what you are embroidering, but it isn't a "deal  breaker" really.  The results are so nice.  I will have some samples to show next time.

Well, have a great remainder of the day and thanks so much for stopping by!