Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sorta Finished!

I have finished the center of "Scrap Happy"!!!!!  This is sorta becoming an obsession.  I AM going to finish this quilt.  It is the type of quilt that would easily become a UFO-----49 2.5 inch squares per block!  The center along has 1,715 squares (counting the solid colored ones as well).  The only thing I tried to do was to not place two-like squares together, other than that, I just picked squares randomly as I sewed.   I was determined to not cut more squares, so there are duplicates, but there are so many---it really doesn't make a difference.

The container is still about 1/2 full (wow I need a new ironing board cover!).   I didn't realize how many squares you can squeeze into a relatively little container.  I am going to make a pieced border, so these squares will be put to good use....again I will not cut more but use what I have.   The quilt is currently 70 x 98----a really weird size I think, so I am only going to add borders to the sides....a total of 14 inches, so it will end up being approx. 84 x 98 which seems more reasonable.....rather than 84 x 120, if I add the border to the bottom and top as well.  Maybe I will just add a border to the sides and the bottom.  I have seem antique quilts like this----I will see how I feel after piecing the borders for the sides and how the quilt looks.  My goal is to have it done by next week-end.

I am going to bake some cookies and then my two youngest grandbabies are coming over to help decorate the Christmas Trees.  They really seem to enjoy it and it is fun to watch them.  Well, gotta go get ready. BTW---I have been "breaking" the embroidery machine in.  I have made about 4 test labels.  This machine does a really good job!!!!  I found the disc I had for the older Brother I have and they work great, so I have more designs to choose from.  I also went on-line and got some designs as well.  The only "oops" I have with the machine is the design you are using isn't clear on the screen.  It looks nothing like what you are embroidering, but it isn't a "deal  breaker" really.  The results are so nice.  I will have some samples to show next time.

Well, have a great remainder of the day and thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Yeah!! One more bit the dust! Which one is next??!! LOL


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