Sunday, April 29, 2012


Well, I am back from my final day at Paducah!  I got a chance to really look at all the quilts and I understand some of my blogging friends may disagree, but I personally wasn't inspired.  I was talking with one lady who shared the same viewpoint.  She summed it up perfectly by saying "quilt shows should inspire you to want to return home and quilt", this show didn't.  It wasn't that there weren't absolutely beautiful works of art.  There were---lots of bling, lots of machine embroidery, lots of computer digitalizing, lots of computer quilting, LOTS!!!!  There was even a couple of quilts that would have been beautiful standing along---ones who had the potential to inspire---that were covered with crystals.  The crystals really didn't add a thing to the quilt (except weight), but it would appear that the creator wanted to "fit in".

Now maybe this is what the Paducah show is all about.  Certainly the prize money is greater and so as a result, it is sorta the "Las Vegas" of the shows.  If that is true, then it is meeting the goal.  It would be nice however, if perhaps a separate category was created, or they mixed in more "Plain Jane's" for us "Plain Jane's".

I would have liked to post pictures, but there is a "copyright" on all pictures that prohibit you from posting them.  They are posted however on the AQS site.  The "Best of Show" this year was created by the same artist who won "Best of Show" last year.

I still managed to get in some shopping---got some fabrics, patterns, stencils, and got my "gadget fix".  Even though I am a little disappointed, I did have fun, and will return next year.  I do plan however to share my view with the organizers, probably to no avail, but I will anyway (I can't keep my mouth shut you know).

Have a blessed Sunday!  xoxo

Friday, April 27, 2012

Day #2 of THE quilting adventure!!!

Day #2 of THE adventure was to be a day spent visiting the "local" places.  This is Diane in front of one of our favorite quilt shops.  It is located in a small town named Watertown.  A small shop that was once a country store.  It is a great selection of fabrics and kits and Diane always cleans up!  Today was no exception.  I should have gotten a picture coming out but I was busy helping her carry her finds.

Today we had planned to make another trip to a small shop in KY but instead will stay home and cut out blocks on the GO!.  What little of my shopping money will be spent at the last visit to Paducah (no I didn't have to hock my wedding ring after all)!

We are having LOTS of fun!  More pictures to follow!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paducah (First Day)

This is the "loot" of our first day at Paducah!  I took a great picture of us "before" and then "after", but on the wrong camera :c(!  I can't find the cord to download, so from now on I will take pics with my "good" camera.

To recap the day!  I spent my entire weeks allowance on the first day.  The truth is I went over by $18.  I got so upset (silently) that I had a nose bleed :c(!  Well---after sleeping on it, I am no longer upset, I will take my blood pressure meds and I will continue to have fun!!!!!!

We did have fun yesterday!  All we did was shop (clearly) but we are returning on  Saturday to look at all the quilts.  We had a great lunch with a quilter from MS who got TWO---count them---TWO quilts in the show.  AND---drum roll here-----they do NOT have crystals and in fact are really quilts that represent the kinds I make!  REAL quilts.  She gave Diane and I hope since sometimes when you go to these shows, although the quilts are absolutely beautiful and you see why they are winners, at the same time, I am a little discouraged since I KNOW I could never make quilts like that.  I am going to try to enter one next year---I am!  I know I don't have a chance of a "snowball in a 400 degree oven" of winning, but I would love to get the comments from judges.  In the program, there were lots of "first time" entrants and the quilts were beautiful.  As I said, we will really look at them all on Saturday!

Today, we are going to make the rounds locally and then tomorrow I think we will go to Whittles.  I am just looking although I am thinking of going to the pawn shop and pawning my wedding ring for some extra cash (just joking)----but I wonder how much I could get?????

xoxo---have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 23, 2012

All Ready!!!

Diane---your bedroom is all ready!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Twice Sliced"

It occurred to me that I hadn't added the pictures of the completed "Twice Sliced", although I did post a "hint".  I used all batiks from my stash to cut the 10 inch squares that became the blocks.  I am continually reminded that although it is important to pay attention to what you add to your stash, if you are true to what you really like, you will always make a quilt that will coordinate with your stash.  This lining is a perfect example.  I just liked the different green colors---when I purchased it I had no idea what I was going to use it for, just knew it would be a backing.  The front is primarily purples with some "sparkles" of pink and lighter blue/purple.  It seemed too dark, so I searched my stash and decided to add the "Acid Green" small border---that is the same green that is in the backing!  The border is left over pieces of batik from the pattern.  All in all, as I mentioned earlier, all made from stash!  My DH just told me he wants his "name on this quilt".  I smile because every quilt I make, he wants his "name" on---in other words, he thinks this is a "keeper".  Makes me feel good!

Have a blessed and productive Sunday!  xoxo

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Now There Are 20!!!!!

Good Morning!!!!!

Making these blocks really is a little like eating potato chips---I can't just make one!  I am now half done!  It is my plan to make enough for a queen size quilt.  I am going to set them on point so I think I will need about 38 but I will make 40.  I wasn't going to add a sashing between the blocks, but now I am rethinking that.  The sides are all on bias and I think that the sashing will add more stability.  In addition, because I will need to meet seams, I am more likely to stretch and have a "balloon" in the middle of my quilt if I try to not use sashing.  Since the sashing will also be white, I think it will give the blocks the effect of floating!  In looking at my fabrics I am using, again as I mentioned I don't have a tremendous amount of variety, but I still think it is looking good.  After all it is a scrappy quilt, and I am NOT going to obsess about it!

Just 4 more days until Diane gets here and then the fun begins!  I am making my lists and then re-doing them trying really hard to be mindful of the relatively small amount of spending money I do have.  It is funny, when we went to our first show, we were so excited, we really did a lot of spending without keeping in mind the use or at least OUR use of the object.  I still have tools in my quilt room that I look at and say "why".  We have gotten much more discriminating in our purchases and act as a "stop and think" for each other.  I am still a sucker for rulers and gadgets though, and although the purchase of my GO! and Sizzix have curtailed that a bit, I still can't help myself!  At any rate, I just enjoy the energy you get from the beautiful quilts, other quilters,  the great vendors and the strawberry short-cake!

Well, gotta ready the house for Diane!  Have a great week-end and thank you so much for stopping by!  

Monday, April 16, 2012

Granny Squares

These are the Granny's I have completed thus far. There isn't a lot of variety since I am using the squares I already have cut, but I am not that concerned about it really. I may cut more as needed. In the end though I know it will be fine! The one with the predominate yellow though may not make the final cut. It just seems so "out there", but then again, I like blocks like that! Unorthodox---spontaneous---queer!

Although I think I will not sash, I am still a little undecided. I sorta like the secondary pattern you get when the blocks are sewn together. I am going to look at some other quilts on the web and get more ideas!

Well not much going on today--- I really just wanted to touch base! The semester is almost over and so I am doing a lot of school stuff! Will get back to really quilting later this week (hopefully).

Just 8 more days before Diane gets here and then 9 before AQS!

Have a great evening!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Isn't this pretty! This was one of the breakfast dishes we had. I just thought the presentation was so pretty---lots of color variation and textures----and it was good!
I got back from the second annual Zuri Retreat yesterday. The purpose of a retreat is to first of all, enjoy the fellowship of like creative spirits; eat lots of good food; quilt; eat; quilt; laugh; and of course enjoy surroundings that you don't have to clean up, don't have to wash dishes and can just generally enjoy doing what you like to do. This retreat met all of those (at least my) objectives.
Of course I was in such a rush to get ready, I forgot my camera. These pictures were taken with my phone but I should have taken more. We had wonderful thought provoking conversations, that did get loud at times (good thing we were the only guests) but isn't that what happens when a group of very creative (and opinionated) spirits get one got angry or took anything personal, so there was no pressure or hidden meaning in the volume of our conversation. We laughed as well, and I went home with a better perspective on a lot of subjects. I think I will submit myself as a possible guest for "Meet the Press"---I am even more convinced that I could shed some light on some of the problems we are facing just from the conversations we had.
I did get some quilting done (I didn't go to bed one night until about 1:00 AM which is really late for me). The picture above is of a quilt I saw on the web---there was no mention of the designer, and it was a small wall hanging. I got out the EQ and redrew it making it queen size. I got it about 50% finished and it is comprised of MY own hand dyes. There isn't a real variety (per se) since I only used what I had on hand---so it is a scrap quilt. I plan to quilt it with one of my new CL templates and think it will turn out pretty good.
I also worked on some "Granny Squares". I have about 8 done with probably 80 more to go. I am not going to sash them----and since they are finishing about 9 inches AND I only do big---this project will take a little bit. I am determined to use what I have, so although they will not be quite as color coordinated as others, I still think they will look nice.
The DH and GS are at another baseball tournament so Coal and I are left on our own. More quilting awaits me. Have a blessed and productive Sunday!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Quilting Finish---

I finished quilting this quilt last night. It is a pattern from the Moda Bake Shop although my rows are vertical rather than horizontal. I used the Circle Lord Baptist Fan pattern board. I had a couple of "oops" but all in all, not bad for a first time. I am debating rather I want to block this quilt before binding it since it is white and I notice a couple of soiled (very little) spots. I will put it aside and see. I love the backing! I purchased it last year during AQS---didn't really have a quilt in mind but liked the interesting color and pattern. I once worried about purchasing fabric without a quilt in mind, but have decided to trust myself. I ALWAYS can find a quilt that is perfect for that piece of fabric. I am working really hard to use from my stash since AQS is coming up again, and although I will use restraint, I know I will be adding to my stash!

The Guild Retreat is coming up this week-end. I have put together a couple of projects to work on and can't decide whether I should take 3 or 2. I am known for a short-attention span, but will probably only take 2. Hopefully I can get at least one top completed. I sorta designed this quilt myself (with the help of EQ6). I saw it on the Pinterest site but it didn't have a name or anything and it was a little wall hanging (at least it looked like it). I enlarged the basic idea to a queen size, used my own hand dyes and will put it together. It has been a lot of chatter about copyright issues, so I am almost afraid to post it here. Most definitely though I will not give directions and as I said am using my own fabrics. I will have to "noodle" on that a bit.

At any rate, I am all set---sorta. I will oil my machine, and pack my quilty stuff probably tonight or tomorrow. Since it is a retreat, I don't have to worry about clothes per se, but rather than sit around in my pj's, I guess I need to at least bring sweats.

Well, got some work to do. Just wanted to check in. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday!!!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day here in Middle Tennessee!!! The sun was shining gloriously and it was just the right temperature---not too hot, or too cold. Rather than go to Sunday service (it is always very very crowded), I stayed home and reflected on the day. For the first time in a very long time, I did NOT cook a totally home cooked meal! The ham was already pre-cooked, so I needed to heat it slowly in the oven; candied yams, were canned with a sauce of butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon poured over and put in the oven; greens were from the can; mac and cheese from the box with some extras added; and bread from the bakery. I did make a "from scratch" cake, but the strawberries were frozen with cool whip. It still took me all morning, but I certainly wasn't as tired as years pass. I am proud of myself!!!!

I hope your Easter was a wonderful one, full of blessings and loving people!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Manual Labor :-(

I was feeling a bit down---so I decided to do a little manual labor. There is nothing like pulling weeds, digging holes and generally getting dirty to get the emotion recharged. I LOVE flowers (as does most quilters) but I have a husband who would plow everything under, cement it and paint the yard green. He doesn't have a problem in telling me NO when it comes to flowers. If I want them, I have to plant them AND take care of them. He has succeeded in getting rid of a lot of the vegetation that was here when we moved in. I decided to plant today. I planted two rose bushes (I LOVE roses)---the package says they are suppose to really smell good. I though didn't realize how hard it is to dig a BIG hole, so the holes were not quite as deep as the package said, but I just ran out of steam. I also planted Creeping Phlox, about 30 Zinnias, and some really pretty purple and gold flowers in the mail box planter. I also fertilized the plants, pulled weeds out of the beds, raked the weeds into mounds and now I am tired!!!! I didn't make the beds, didn't wash, but I have no energy. I stopped since my heart was pounding and I was feeling a little lightheaded, so I called it a day (after about 6 hours out there). No one else is home---DH is at a Little League tournament with DGS; DD and the DS are all doing their time for old Mom! Oh well---I took my second shower for the day, purchased a salad and now I am going to relax a bit.

Hope your Sunday was as productive!