Sunday, April 1, 2012

Manual Labor :-(

I was feeling a bit down---so I decided to do a little manual labor. There is nothing like pulling weeds, digging holes and generally getting dirty to get the emotion recharged. I LOVE flowers (as does most quilters) but I have a husband who would plow everything under, cement it and paint the yard green. He doesn't have a problem in telling me NO when it comes to flowers. If I want them, I have to plant them AND take care of them. He has succeeded in getting rid of a lot of the vegetation that was here when we moved in. I decided to plant today. I planted two rose bushes (I LOVE roses)---the package says they are suppose to really smell good. I though didn't realize how hard it is to dig a BIG hole, so the holes were not quite as deep as the package said, but I just ran out of steam. I also planted Creeping Phlox, about 30 Zinnias, and some really pretty purple and gold flowers in the mail box planter. I also fertilized the plants, pulled weeds out of the beds, raked the weeds into mounds and now I am tired!!!! I didn't make the beds, didn't wash, but I have no energy. I stopped since my heart was pounding and I was feeling a little lightheaded, so I called it a day (after about 6 hours out there). No one else is home---DH is at a Little League tournament with DGS; DD and the DS are all doing their time for old Mom! Oh well---I took my second shower for the day, purchased a salad and now I am going to relax a bit.

Hope your Sunday was as productive!


  1. I think getting out in the yard and the fresh air rejuvenates us. Gives us a new perspective on nature's colors, which all quilters get their inspiration from. Heads up -- when they are flowering and showing off their flowers, you'll be able to say "I did this!" Quilty hugs Sis!!

  2. I love working in the yard. Yesterday, we replaced a bed at the neighbors that didn't survive the drought last year and then gave my car a good cleaning and next, it was gardening in my own back yard gardens. Ahhhh, peace and happiness and green things that love me.


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