Sunday, April 29, 2012


Well, I am back from my final day at Paducah!  I got a chance to really look at all the quilts and I understand some of my blogging friends may disagree, but I personally wasn't inspired.  I was talking with one lady who shared the same viewpoint.  She summed it up perfectly by saying "quilt shows should inspire you to want to return home and quilt", this show didn't.  It wasn't that there weren't absolutely beautiful works of art.  There were---lots of bling, lots of machine embroidery, lots of computer digitalizing, lots of computer quilting, LOTS!!!!  There was even a couple of quilts that would have been beautiful standing along---ones who had the potential to inspire---that were covered with crystals.  The crystals really didn't add a thing to the quilt (except weight), but it would appear that the creator wanted to "fit in".

Now maybe this is what the Paducah show is all about.  Certainly the prize money is greater and so as a result, it is sorta the "Las Vegas" of the shows.  If that is true, then it is meeting the goal.  It would be nice however, if perhaps a separate category was created, or they mixed in more "Plain Jane's" for us "Plain Jane's".

I would have liked to post pictures, but there is a "copyright" on all pictures that prohibit you from posting them.  They are posted however on the AQS site.  The "Best of Show" this year was created by the same artist who won "Best of Show" last year.

I still managed to get in some shopping---got some fabrics, patterns, stencils, and got my "gadget fix".  Even though I am a little disappointed, I did have fun, and will return next year.  I do plan however to share my view with the organizers, probably to no avail, but I will anyway (I can't keep my mouth shut you know).

Have a blessed Sunday!  xoxo


  1. Interesting. I love the quilts that are breath-taking but still leave some room in the viewer's mind to think: "maybe I could attempt something like that." I'm not into creating what judges want. I'm all into creating what I like and want. That usually doesn't fly in the judged-quilts, artsy world, and I'm perfectly OK with that. I would be disappointed, too, in a show that only contains the wow-factor quilts and none of the reality-based quilts that most of us love.

  2. Patricia and I had several conversations on this subject. While I appreciate all the time, work and the inspiration all of the glitzy quilters do, it isn't my style. There were several quilts made of 'older' patterns and were excellent in workmanship. Then when you look closer, there were crystals, etc. added that took away from the beauty of the quilt.
    Thank heavens we have all type of quilters, though! We need to have some glitz with our Plain Jane's! LOL


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