Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paducah (First Day)

This is the "loot" of our first day at Paducah!  I took a great picture of us "before" and then "after", but on the wrong camera :c(!  I can't find the cord to download, so from now on I will take pics with my "good" camera.

To recap the day!  I spent my entire weeks allowance on the first day.  The truth is I went over by $18.  I got so upset (silently) that I had a nose bleed :c(!  Well---after sleeping on it, I am no longer upset, I will take my blood pressure meds and I will continue to have fun!!!!!!

We did have fun yesterday!  All we did was shop (clearly) but we are returning on  Saturday to look at all the quilts.  We had a great lunch with a quilter from MS who got TWO---count them---TWO quilts in the show.  AND---drum roll here-----they do NOT have crystals and in fact are really quilts that represent the kinds I make!  REAL quilts.  She gave Diane and I hope since sometimes when you go to these shows, although the quilts are absolutely beautiful and you see why they are winners, at the same time, I am a little discouraged since I KNOW I could never make quilts like that.  I am going to try to enter one next year---I am!  I know I don't have a chance of a "snowball in a 400 degree oven" of winning, but I would love to get the comments from judges.  In the program, there were lots of "first time" entrants and the quilts were beautiful.  As I said, we will really look at them all on Saturday!

Today, we are going to make the rounds locally and then tomorrow I think we will go to Whittles.  I am just looking although I am thinking of going to the pawn shop and pawning my wedding ring for some extra cash (just joking)----but I wonder how much I could get?????

xoxo---have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I am jealous. I hope you and Diane have so much fun that you just wanna pop. Lane

  2. go for it! enter and if you don't get in, keep entering year after year! i have never entered AQS but it is on my radar for next year as well as IQS. my discouragement comes in the form that I don't do bright colors and lean toward a subdued, neutral colors. the quilts are always a makeup of intense jump off the wall color.

  3. oh and your loot reminded me of my first time to the Paducah show...I took all of 100 bucks thinking I was going to do some damage...hahahaha I was very naive about what happens at quilt shows!

  4. I think Patricia & I are more 'discriminating' now than we were at the first show! LOL It was a case of "I need/want it all!!" I must say we were actually very good this year. We got some excellent buys, but were very picky at what we did get--on this day anyway!


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