Saturday, April 23, 2011

3rd Annual Yo-Yo Good Friday Shopping Trip

I think I might have mentioned that I belong to a small sub-group of one of the quilting guilds I belong to. There are 5 of us and call ourselves the Yo-Yo's. We are all very different but alike in so many ways. I really like these ladies, and we get along very well. We had such a good time! We met and had breakfast and then Trish (the "unofficial" President) gave each of us a gift. This polka dot ( I love polka dots) tote with our names embroidered on the front. Inside was a bottle of water; some snacks including chocolate (we were NOT going to stop to eat---by doing so, that great fabric could be purchased by someone else) and a notebook with GO! patterns.

We made it to FOUR Kentucky quilt shops. At each one each of us found fabric we couldn't live without, or rulers, or patterns. Above is the picture of my finds. Kaffee prints; Givens prints; prints from the Fabrilicious line and organic cotton that I got for $2 a yard!!!!!!!!! --- I got all they had---a total of 8 yards in a white and a taupe. I stayed within my budget and came back quite happy. I also found some sweet "Piece of Cake" cheater panels. I am going to use them to practice my custom quilting---then donate them. I got enough for two large throws (in two different colorways), so my "practice piece" will result in something useful. We got caught in a storm at one of the shops, so we "had" to stay there until it passed. It just so happens that the shop is in the basement of a couples home. Such nice people, and although they stayed long past closing time, they assured us that since they had to only go upstairs to start dinner, it was okay. That little shop was chock full of fabric!!!!!!! All in all a very nice day!!!

I have spent the day cleaning the house and although I have been at it all day, I have only succeeded in cleaning the guest room for Diane, washing the dishes (and a couple of loads of clothes) and cleaning one other bathroom. Oh yea, I did spend time talking with Diane on the phone (she will be here on Tuesday), folding my new fabric and looking for some rulers (I don't know why I was looking for them).

I am tired out though and will rest for a couple of hours and then at least finish cleaning the kitchen and vacuuming the downstairs common areas.

Just wanted to check in! Have a blessed Easter!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Retreat Weekend!

Thursday through yesterday (Saturday) I was at a Guild Retreat. The retreat was held in an absolutely beautiful Bed and Breakfast (Butterfly Meadows) outside of Nashville. The Inn Keeper is a quilter, and so they have facilities set up to accommodate quilters. On Saturday I didn't go to bed until about 1:00 A.M.---quilting and laughing and eating and quilting and eating---you know the routine. I got quite a lot accomplished and in fact the proprietors said the group were "fierce" quilters, since we were all on a mission and quilted into the wee hours of the morning. My telephone didn't get reception there, so I had no excuse but to quilt.

I have posted pictures of my main accomplishments. The focus, in addition to working on our own UFO's was a string quilt. Everyone brought at least 50 strings to share and exchange with others (in addition to their own). Posted is 4 squares I put together to see how my quilt would eventually look. I was able to finish 20 blocks. I am beginning each with a light strip down the middle to accent the triangle that will result when the quilt is put together. I am going to make a total of 54 block so I am almost 50% done. I also worked on my Zig Zag quilt. This too is a scrap quilt made from my leftover dyes. I have small amounts left over, unfortunately not always of the same shade, but within the same family. I am not going to worry about "matching" per se, if I have a two fats of blue, I am going to put them together to make a row. As you can see, I have about 1/4th of a quilt done.

The next quilt is the 1600 Quilt which was too much fun to do. You take a jelly roll, sew the ends together (cut off 18 inches of the end strip) and keep joining to make a quilt. The directions are on the web (Google 1600 jelly roll quilt) and you have a completed top within 45 minutes! Depending on the jelly roll, you get some really beautiful results. My quilt is made from a roll I got when they first came out. It had about 35 strips (or maybe 40) and resulted in a 47 x 68 quilt. I am going to put borders on it and give it to a granddaughter. A couple of the ladies had Bali Pops that were really pretty. I think this would be a great quick gift or charity quilt. It was so nice to come away from the retreat with a completed project rather than another UFO. All this quilt needs is some simple quilting and it is done!

All in all I had a great week-end----I must admit though that I am really tired---no sleep, and I know I have gained weight (too many chocolate covered almonds).

Have a blessed Palm Sunday and we'll "talk" later. Hey Diane----only about 9 days to go! Bring a jelly roll and lets make a 1600 quilt on Friday!


Sunday, April 10, 2011


I finished "THE" Hex Quilt. All in all I am pleased. I placed a narrow border of brown to separate the center of the quilt from the pink and brown border. I had originally used a 2.5 inch narrow brown border, but decided that it was too big so I cut it down to 1.5 inches and I think it looks better. I also decided to place the borders on a little differently as you can see. The back is going to be cupcake fabric pieced with giant red and white polka dots, since I don't have enough of either for the complete back. Again, it doesn't really coordinate per se with the front, but it makes the quilt more youthful (at least to me). Remember, I am NOT a matchy girl really, more a scrap quilter and I like things that don't match exactly, but that have some continuity. The cupcake fabric has brown and pink in it, and I have some polka dot hexs. I might still go to JoAnne's and see if I can find more of either fabric to make a entire back, but if I don't, I will be okay with the pieced back. Hopefully, I will finish quilting the never-ending "apple core" soon and I will then load this on. It is closer to a full than a twin, but again, I think it will be okay. This is yet another quilt that I can thank the GO! for---never would I cut all these hexes out by template and rotary cutter!!!

The UFO for the month is another GO! cut quilt---a Drunkard's Path that I am making from recycled shirts. I have to sew the strips together to make the strata (I already cut them out) and then cut out the block pieces with the GO!. I doubt if I will get this UFO completed within the month, but I anticipate, that by the end of the year, I will have still accomplished my goal.

Well, no one is home but Coal and I. The DH and GS are away at a baseball tournament. It is beautiful outside, but the son hasn't gotten here yet to clean the garage for me. I hate to be outside when I am home along---you enter my garage from the back of the house, and should I fall, or something, no one would see me. I know that is a bit paranoid, but the way things are happening in the world, I am being I will wait and complete outside work, and garage work when someone else is home besides me. It isn't like I don't have a lot to do inside.

Have a great remainder of the day!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just Checking In!

Since I see that I have had visitors even though I have been neglectful in posting, I wanted to jut stop by and say "hey". Things have been busy here as usual---although I did retire, it was just from ONE job. It is approaching the end of the semester and I have about 60 papers I have to read, a test I have to evaluate and numerous advisees (about 50) that I have to get enrolled. Quilting has had to occur on the "fly". The good news is the weather is warming up and I can start dyeing soon. One of my sons came by yesterday and say he was going to straighten up the garage and my dyeing "studio" (aka the corner) for me so I might be able to start tomorrow. I sure hope so---I do enjoy the process. I have some special "orders" I have to get out soon (blues and greens), so I really want to get started before my friend thinks I am all "talk and no show" :c) I am just about finished with the center of the hex quilt---and I gotta tell you, I am a bit sick of these one shape quilts :c). The good thing is since I am a scrap quilter, the variety keeps me going. This is yet another quilt that if it weren't for the GO!, I would have NEVER attempted it. The middle isn't quite as large as I would like, but I will make it a twin by adding wider borders, which might be perfect for this quilt. I should have the last two rows sewn on tonight (after I clean, read papers, and grade tests) so I will try to post tomorrow. Take care and thanks so much for stopping by, even if there is really nothing new. xoxo

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Retired!!!!

I have officially retired---at least from one job! I have been working in a hospital for over 40 years---often while I worked somewhere else. These last couple of years have really taken their toll. When I decided I was going to return to academia, I thought it was important that I hone my clinical skills so I went to work in the hospital first. I worked first on a med/surg. floor and then later transferred to my speciality----labor and delivery. Once I started teaching again full time, I went to PRN status (I worked two week-end days a week). That doesn't seem like a lot, but since I have students in the clinical area two days a week, on some weeks, I essentially worked three days per week (I am one of those "hands on" clinical faculty---in other words I wear scrubs like the employee nurses and work beside my students teaching them hands on). Anyway, when I would get home I would be truly worn out---then when I had to work on the week-ends---a 12 hour shift no less---I was simply "too tired". I was essentially working to support my habit--quilting--but even then, I was having a hard time not feeling yuk! and sometimes resentful. Anyway---I listened to my DH and resigned!!!!! I do feel better---I can use the week-ends to do what I want and although I may not have as much spare money, I know I will still figure out how to support my "habit". Oh well, one down and two more jobs left to retire from! Hugs!