Saturday, April 23, 2011

3rd Annual Yo-Yo Good Friday Shopping Trip

I think I might have mentioned that I belong to a small sub-group of one of the quilting guilds I belong to. There are 5 of us and call ourselves the Yo-Yo's. We are all very different but alike in so many ways. I really like these ladies, and we get along very well. We had such a good time! We met and had breakfast and then Trish (the "unofficial" President) gave each of us a gift. This polka dot ( I love polka dots) tote with our names embroidered on the front. Inside was a bottle of water; some snacks including chocolate (we were NOT going to stop to eat---by doing so, that great fabric could be purchased by someone else) and a notebook with GO! patterns.

We made it to FOUR Kentucky quilt shops. At each one each of us found fabric we couldn't live without, or rulers, or patterns. Above is the picture of my finds. Kaffee prints; Givens prints; prints from the Fabrilicious line and organic cotton that I got for $2 a yard!!!!!!!!! --- I got all they had---a total of 8 yards in a white and a taupe. I stayed within my budget and came back quite happy. I also found some sweet "Piece of Cake" cheater panels. I am going to use them to practice my custom quilting---then donate them. I got enough for two large throws (in two different colorways), so my "practice piece" will result in something useful. We got caught in a storm at one of the shops, so we "had" to stay there until it passed. It just so happens that the shop is in the basement of a couples home. Such nice people, and although they stayed long past closing time, they assured us that since they had to only go upstairs to start dinner, it was okay. That little shop was chock full of fabric!!!!!!! All in all a very nice day!!!

I have spent the day cleaning the house and although I have been at it all day, I have only succeeded in cleaning the guest room for Diane, washing the dishes (and a couple of loads of clothes) and cleaning one other bathroom. Oh yea, I did spend time talking with Diane on the phone (she will be here on Tuesday), folding my new fabric and looking for some rulers (I don't know why I was looking for them).

I am tired out though and will rest for a couple of hours and then at least finish cleaning the kitchen and vacuuming the downstairs common areas.

Just wanted to check in! Have a blessed Easter!!!


  1. Love the polkadot bag! I've really found some great polka dot fabric lately and they are so cheery. Can't wait to see the fabrics in person --always so much better!
    Hugs and Happy Blessed Easter!

  2. I am so looking forward to someone to shop with again. If not, I might have to come shop with you guys next year. Lane

  3. hello! I live in Quilt City USA... and just wanted to say hello and ask you what 4 stores you hit in Kentucky..more importantly where did the $2 yard come from? was it QIAD=Quilt In A Day? I only know of 3 stores right off top of my head.. quilters alley, QIAD, and Murray sewing..what am I missing? I am asumming you are a member of the yo-yo here in Paducah but maybe live in IL... also...want to tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your rugs/hats! thanks for the link to vid too! Happy Quilting! Deb


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