Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Retired!!!!

I have officially retired---at least from one job! I have been working in a hospital for over 40 years---often while I worked somewhere else. These last couple of years have really taken their toll. When I decided I was going to return to academia, I thought it was important that I hone my clinical skills so I went to work in the hospital first. I worked first on a med/surg. floor and then later transferred to my speciality----labor and delivery. Once I started teaching again full time, I went to PRN status (I worked two week-end days a week). That doesn't seem like a lot, but since I have students in the clinical area two days a week, on some weeks, I essentially worked three days per week (I am one of those "hands on" clinical faculty---in other words I wear scrubs like the employee nurses and work beside my students teaching them hands on). Anyway, when I would get home I would be truly worn out---then when I had to work on the week-ends---a 12 hour shift no less---I was simply "too tired". I was essentially working to support my habit--quilting--but even then, I was having a hard time not feeling yuk! and sometimes resentful. Anyway---I listened to my DH and resigned!!!!! I do feel better---I can use the week-ends to do what I want and although I may not have as much spare money, I know I will still figure out how to support my "habit". Oh well, one down and two more jobs left to retire from! Hugs!


  1. Good for you!!! Time to relax a bit and enjoy all those wonderful fabrics you have been dying.


  2. Yeah! Congratulations!! Oh, how I'd love to retire. My Dad retired early and I have his example to follow. Unfortunately, I did not follow his savings example as completely as he did, so early retirement is still a hope, maybe in another 5-8 years. But, what's life without hope, right? Lane

  3. Yeah!!! Now I can plan on long weekends to come up and sew with you! Congratulations on your finally being able to retire. Personally I'd rather have you teaching nursing students what to do vs. someone else teaching them what not to do! Make sense??!! Hugs, Diane


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