Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just Checking In!

Since I see that I have had visitors even though I have been neglectful in posting, I wanted to jut stop by and say "hey". Things have been busy here as usual---although I did retire, it was just from ONE job. It is approaching the end of the semester and I have about 60 papers I have to read, a test I have to evaluate and numerous advisees (about 50) that I have to get enrolled. Quilting has had to occur on the "fly". The good news is the weather is warming up and I can start dyeing soon. One of my sons came by yesterday and say he was going to straighten up the garage and my dyeing "studio" (aka the corner) for me so I might be able to start tomorrow. I sure hope so---I do enjoy the process. I have some special "orders" I have to get out soon (blues and greens), so I really want to get started before my friend thinks I am all "talk and no show" :c) I am just about finished with the center of the hex quilt---and I gotta tell you, I am a bit sick of these one shape quilts :c). The good thing is since I am a scrap quilter, the variety keeps me going. This is yet another quilt that if it weren't for the GO!, I would have NEVER attempted it. The middle isn't quite as large as I would like, but I will make it a twin by adding wider borders, which might be perfect for this quilt. I should have the last two rows sewn on tonight (after I clean, read papers, and grade tests) so I will try to post tomorrow. Take care and thanks so much for stopping by, even if there is really nothing new. xoxo


  1. Aren't the one block quilts really hard to start and finish?? I've got several in the UFO pile that I definitely need to finish. And then I've also cut out a hex quilt --- go figure!

  2. As bad as reading papers sounds, it does sound better than helping students get enrolled. That sounds like dealing with beauracracy. Have fun. Lane


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