Sunday, April 10, 2011


I finished "THE" Hex Quilt. All in all I am pleased. I placed a narrow border of brown to separate the center of the quilt from the pink and brown border. I had originally used a 2.5 inch narrow brown border, but decided that it was too big so I cut it down to 1.5 inches and I think it looks better. I also decided to place the borders on a little differently as you can see. The back is going to be cupcake fabric pieced with giant red and white polka dots, since I don't have enough of either for the complete back. Again, it doesn't really coordinate per se with the front, but it makes the quilt more youthful (at least to me). Remember, I am NOT a matchy girl really, more a scrap quilter and I like things that don't match exactly, but that have some continuity. The cupcake fabric has brown and pink in it, and I have some polka dot hexs. I might still go to JoAnne's and see if I can find more of either fabric to make a entire back, but if I don't, I will be okay with the pieced back. Hopefully, I will finish quilting the never-ending "apple core" soon and I will then load this on. It is closer to a full than a twin, but again, I think it will be okay. This is yet another quilt that I can thank the GO! for---never would I cut all these hexes out by template and rotary cutter!!!

The UFO for the month is another GO! cut quilt---a Drunkard's Path that I am making from recycled shirts. I have to sew the strips together to make the strata (I already cut them out) and then cut out the block pieces with the GO!. I doubt if I will get this UFO completed within the month, but I anticipate, that by the end of the year, I will have still accomplished my goal.

Well, no one is home but Coal and I. The DH and GS are away at a baseball tournament. It is beautiful outside, but the son hasn't gotten here yet to clean the garage for me. I hate to be outside when I am home along---you enter my garage from the back of the house, and should I fall, or something, no one would see me. I know that is a bit paranoid, but the way things are happening in the world, I am being I will wait and complete outside work, and garage work when someone else is home besides me. It isn't like I don't have a lot to do inside.

Have a great remainder of the day!



  1. What a pretty scrap quilt - it just sparkles!

  2. Love the hexes! I like how you used the small brown border too. For the backing I think the cupcakes and polka dots both would work well together for the back. Will definitely make it more interesting!

  3. this is awesome..would love to see it quilted.
    Saw that you used GO! Hex 5" with equilateral triangle. Need those dies on my list!


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