Saturday, March 31, 2012

Granny-Square Mania---

Okay---I admit it, I can be a follower sometimes! I have joined the Granny Square Crew. I saw this great block on Blue Elephant Stitches. Clearly others thought it was great because soon there was the Granny Square Posse (my name for them) out there. I resisted.....I often begin new projects in the middle of others, but I have a ton of 2.5 inch squares cut (for another project). I decided to try this one. The instructions given in the blog are really good ones----it is a little tricky when cutting, but if you follow the pictures carefully you can get a pretty block. Mine will be super scrappy although I have seen some pictures of blocks that were much more controlled. The white is an organic linen which will be a great contrast to the cottons. The one thing I would caution you is to make sure you have a consistent seam allowance---1/4 inch seam....I ended up with a 9 inch block. Because the edges will be bias, I sprayed the block with some starch and then ironed to stabilize better. I am (of course going to make a queen so I will need 56 blocks. This will be one of my projects that I may work on at the retreat---I am liking it. (BTW, excuse the threads on my design wall). If I make it again though I would use larger squares, maybe 3.5 inches, but I am using what I have. Thanks Jolene for sharing so unselfishly!

Friday, March 30, 2012


I have been working diligently to finish the quilt I am going to demonstrate at the Guild Retreat. There are members that read the blog so I really don't want to show a picture of the actual quilt yet. I did finish it and am now quilting it so I (hopefully) will have a completed quilt to show. Of course I made mine bigger---queen--which will also mean it will take longer to quilt---but (sigh) "oh well".

The weather is so absolutely beautiful. It is almost fabric dyeing time. I have used up a lot of my "stash" and really need to dye some more bright saturated colors. Last year, I seem to get nice colors but not nearly as bright as I would have liked. I am going to go to my original "recipe" since that is when I seemed to get the better colors.

Just wanted to update all. I noticed I have 3 more "Followers"!!!!! Fantastic! Welcome----please feel free to leave comments. I love getting feedback!

I ordered and have received already a couple more Circle Lord templates....the swirl and the square swirl! I can't wait to use them---one of the current quilts I am working on will be perfect for either template.

I will post more later, since as soon as I finish quilting this----I will get back to my "WIPs" ("works in progress").


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy B-day to DH!!!

His favorite cake---a pound cake. He doesn't really like frosting, so we will have it with ice cream. The covered bowl is my yeast rolls rising!!!---can you smell them!! :c)

The savory cornbread for the dressing! This smells wonderful as well!!!

Today is my "darling husband's" (DH) birthday!!!!! I asked him what he wanted and of course he said "nothing"---- that is usually not an answer I would give had it been my birthday, but it wasn't so-------. As the children have gotten older and left, and with a grandson who really doesn't believe in eating (he is a VERY picky eater), I suggested I do something sorta rare for me----make him a big dinner. I usually don't do dinners like this unless it is a MAJOR holiday. I honestly don't enjoy cooking, although I can do it pretty good, but I consider his birthday a major holiday, so I am pulling out several stops. Homemade yeast rolls, homemade cake, chicken (he LOVES chicken) AND dressing! He also really likes my mashed potatoes so I will make those but I am having canned vegges---I can't get too carried away. I have been literally in the kitchen since around 10:00 and I am a tired "honey bunny". It is funny, I can stand on my feet all day quilting, but this kitchen stuff is exhausting. We are expecting my daughter, granddaughters and my son and his family around 5:00---so I have a couple of minutes. I must say though, the house smells delicious!

Have a great remainder of the day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Finish #2!

I completed this quilt as my second March finish. The pattern was one I got from the Moda Bake Shop. Of course, I made mine bigger (it is approximately 80 x 80) so I could use it on the bed. It reminds me of bolts of stacked fabric doesn't it? It can be laid either with the rolls vertical, or the rows horizontal (I like them vertical). I used a jelly roll I have had for a couple of years and like the contrast of the brights with the white Kona. I am trying to decide what I will use to quilt---I know a panto---just have to see what speaks to me. A great quilt with fabric stash---how much better can you get!!!! I must say though, there were a LOT of seams I had to match up---whew!

Am still quilting circles, but am almost done---it is as I said, slow going. All in all, a productive week so far.

Have a great remainder of the evening! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


My DGS is playing a baseball tournament all day and the DH is coaching, so Coal and I are going to be alone all day!!!! I spend an awfully lot of time alone actually---sometimes it is lonely---most of the time I enjoy the opportunity to quilt. I stay inside so much, some days I just take a shower and put on a clean pair of pj's and quilt away!----my idea of wonderful!!!

I am working on two projects. I continue to quilt "Lemonade" using my CL. It is truly slow going! I broke my pinkie toe several weeks ago and although it doesn't hurt as bad, it is still uncomfortable to stand for a long time--so I will quilt for a while, and then sit down and work on a quilt for a while. I also have to run up and put laundry in, take it out, pile it on the pool table where I will fold it tonight as I watch some television (love that pool table) I am getting some exercise.

From the quilting, you can see I am quilting concentric circles in different sizes on the quilt. I have missed the starting point a couple of times, and it is still not quite as random, but for a first time on a large quilt, it is pretty good. I have decided that I will use this as my travel quilt. One of my sons worked a part-time job cleaning airplanes, and based on the stories he has told, everyone should carry their own quilts (blankets), pillow and a packet of Clorox wipes. Since the circles on this quilt are rather large and the backing if flannel (aren't the owls cute), this will be a great "plane" quilt.

Well, have a wonderful Sunday. The sun is shining and it looks really pretty outside. I will get a bit of it when I take Coal out, but for now, I am content to look out the window!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Checking In!

Good Morning All!!!!!

I am still around---just have been very busy. I had another health scare with yet another son--but the operative word here is SCARE! He is so much better---but his problem came about because he was doing what he was suppose to do---taking his meds. Moral of story---be sure and insist that even though you are taking meds as prescribed, that your physician is doing the appropriate blood work to determine the therapeutic levels and you aren't getting sicker from your "cure".

On the quilting front----I have loaded my "Making Lemonade" Quilt. I am doing concentric circles which is taking a LOT of time. I am a little unsatisfied since it doesn't look random enough, but I am making it to use as a travel quilt, so it will be okay! Also been doing lots of cutting getting ready for the guild retreat. I am like most quilters, probably taking more than I will even be able to work on, but better more than not enough.

I am so looking forward to April though. There is the retreat and then there is AQS and my visit from Diane. We have too much fun and it is so nice to have someone that you share so much with. Not only is she fun, but she can give me the "attitude adjustment" that I need so much right now :c)! My DH is looking forward to her visit because that is the only time he gets homemade chicken and dumplings!

Well, gotta go--would you believe that I have a early morning Friday meeting!!!! The nerve :c)! Pictures to follow with my progress! Have a great Friday!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Making Lemonade from Lemons or I Messed Up BIG TIME!

Okay---so the quilt I blogged about last night didn't look right. It was square and should have been rectangle. I looked at the directions again and found that in the rush of getting done (before the storm hit) I had only joined 4 times instead of 5. So, wanting to be "perfect", I decided I would join it that fifth time. Well I did it wrong and ended up with a very LONG skinny quilt. I got very upset because I hate to waste anything, especially fabric---so what to do. I remembered the fun of spontaneity and so cut it in half, added a strip of grey and joined the parts again. I put one side going vertical with the other horizontal. The grey strip doesn't offset the seams of much as I would have liked, but I actually like this better. It is still square and would probably be a better wall quilt---we will see. I am just pleased that I was able to save it.

No damage here in my little world from the storms, but from the news others have awakened to find their world not as stable. My thoughts and prayers go out to each and every one. Although there is lots of destruction, there is also many instances of blessings!

Friday, March 2, 2012

I AM a Quilting FANATIC!

Today was very, very stormy!!! We were tracking a tornado across the state and it was headed right for us. What was I doing????? Sitting at my sewing machine trying to get this quilt finished! I did stop though when it looked like the storm was on top of us and it was lightening---but as soon as it passed, I sat back down AND I finished it!!!!!!

It is interesting how a couple of "like" colors ended up together even though I really mixed up the strips. It has a totally different look in solids doesn't it? This is a 1600 quilt--made with a solid jelly roll and grey squares to break up the pattern a little. It isn't going to have a border like my other did and so will be smaller. These strips must have not been as long as my other since, even without a border, I thought the first quilt was longer. At first I thought I would gift this as a baby quilt, but I am liking it. I may keep it and use it in the car (I am always really cool when traveling in the car). I'll see! Anyway---I like it!

BTW--I did get one quilt bound completely so I only have 3 more to go.