Friday, March 2, 2012

I AM a Quilting FANATIC!

Today was very, very stormy!!! We were tracking a tornado across the state and it was headed right for us. What was I doing????? Sitting at my sewing machine trying to get this quilt finished! I did stop though when it looked like the storm was on top of us and it was lightening---but as soon as it passed, I sat back down AND I finished it!!!!!!

It is interesting how a couple of "like" colors ended up together even though I really mixed up the strips. It has a totally different look in solids doesn't it? This is a 1600 quilt--made with a solid jelly roll and grey squares to break up the pattern a little. It isn't going to have a border like my other did and so will be smaller. These strips must have not been as long as my other since, even without a border, I thought the first quilt was longer. At first I thought I would gift this as a baby quilt, but I am liking it. I may keep it and use it in the car (I am always really cool when traveling in the car). I'll see! Anyway---I like it!

BTW--I did get one quilt bound completely so I only have 3 more to go.

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