Saturday, March 3, 2012

Making Lemonade from Lemons or I Messed Up BIG TIME!

Okay---so the quilt I blogged about last night didn't look right. It was square and should have been rectangle. I looked at the directions again and found that in the rush of getting done (before the storm hit) I had only joined 4 times instead of 5. So, wanting to be "perfect", I decided I would join it that fifth time. Well I did it wrong and ended up with a very LONG skinny quilt. I got very upset because I hate to waste anything, especially fabric---so what to do. I remembered the fun of spontaneity and so cut it in half, added a strip of grey and joined the parts again. I put one side going vertical with the other horizontal. The grey strip doesn't offset the seams of much as I would have liked, but I actually like this better. It is still square and would probably be a better wall quilt---we will see. I am just pleased that I was able to save it.

No damage here in my little world from the storms, but from the news others have awakened to find their world not as stable. My thoughts and prayers go out to each and every one. Although there is lots of destruction, there is also many instances of blessings!


  1. that's the only way to do it -- make lemonade! I like it this way, it's different, spontaneous and spur of the moment. And Makayla put her mark of approval on it when I showed it to her. She is like us -- loves the bright colors!
    Glad the storms passed you by this time. It's been overcast here and only sprinkles off & on this afternoon. About bed time for 4 munchkins so that gramma can have a few minutes of quiet! :-)

  2. I love this save! Fabulous quilt!


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