Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy B-day to DH!!!

His favorite cake---a pound cake. He doesn't really like frosting, so we will have it with ice cream. The covered bowl is my yeast rolls rising!!!---can you smell them!! :c)

The savory cornbread for the dressing! This smells wonderful as well!!!

Today is my "darling husband's" (DH) birthday!!!!! I asked him what he wanted and of course he said "nothing"---- that is usually not an answer I would give had it been my birthday, but it wasn't so-------. As the children have gotten older and left, and with a grandson who really doesn't believe in eating (he is a VERY picky eater), I suggested I do something sorta rare for me----make him a big dinner. I usually don't do dinners like this unless it is a MAJOR holiday. I honestly don't enjoy cooking, although I can do it pretty good, but I consider his birthday a major holiday, so I am pulling out several stops. Homemade yeast rolls, homemade cake, chicken (he LOVES chicken) AND dressing! He also really likes my mashed potatoes so I will make those but I am having canned vegges---I can't get too carried away. I have been literally in the kitchen since around 10:00 and I am a tired "honey bunny". It is funny, I can stand on my feet all day quilting, but this kitchen stuff is exhausting. We are expecting my daughter, granddaughters and my son and his family around 5:00---so I have a couple of minutes. I must say though, the house smells delicious!

Have a great remainder of the day!


  1. Tell DH Happy Birthday!! Hope he enjoys his yummy dinner - you are a great cook.

  2. yummeeee! it is going on 11pm here and now i'm wanting something good to eat hehehe...been grazing all day but no sit down and eat meal...


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