Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This is my progress so far on my Scrappy TATW  (8 blocks)!  To speed up the process I cut a lot of 2.5 inch strips.  There is going to be some repeats, but it really doesn't matter to me.  The plan is to make a 84 inch square quilt....no border (49 blocks).  I am making the strata's first and then I will cut and sew them into blocks.  For me it appears to be more efficient.  There are several ways to lay out the quilt, but I really like the traditional layout.  It is interesting how when looking at the quilt, I don't see the diamond shape as well, but when I take a picture it is so apparent.  I also like the unplanned part of it, how the shape sorta blends out at points  Remember, I am into spontaneity and not so planned.

I also finished my very first truly "modern" quilt a couple of days ago.  It will be called "Study in Black and White #1"....a modern name for a modern quilt.  I didn't design it, but made it from a pattern in a magazine I recently purchased.  It is to be a housewarming gift for my oldest son and his wife.  I cannot keep a secret so as I was talking to him this week-end I let it "slip" about the quilt.  He exclaimed how neat that was, since he and his wife had decided to only hand black and white art on the wall of their bedroom.  The quilt is a wall hanging and solid black/white (also new for me).  I am now contemplating the quilting I will do.  I think I will do some freehand quilting -- sorta like I used for the quilt I made as "homework" in the Craftsy class.  I will post a picture after I have finished and sent it off, since they read my blog occasionally.  They clearly know they are getting it, but I want to keep the details a secret.

Well, just wanted to update you.  Thanks again for stopping by....more later!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

No Direction!@#@#*

The blocks in the picture above represent three quilts I am working on---there are blocks for three others that are not posted.  I seem to have absolutely no directions---but the good thing (I guess), is that at least I am working on something.
The blocks in the upper left is the beginning of a "Scrappy Around the World".  I have been cruising the web and it looks like others are thinking the way I am.  I have LOTS of scraps and really want to use them in a quilt.  This is a great quilt for that-------if I had cut all my scraps into 2.5 inch strips---which I haven't.  As a result, it is taking more time since I have to stop and rummage through a very large pile of scraps looking for either strips, or pieces large enough to cut into strips.  I am also working on the Craftsy 2012 BOM, and have gotten some strips from that pile, but I really don't want two quilts made with exactly the same fabrics, so I am going to try really hard to stay away from that group.    What I am going to have to do is to make more scraps by cutting into my stash----more scraps to add to the ever growing pile! 
Moving clock-wise---is the new block I added to the 24 month BOM.  I have added "Amish Star" to the "Antique Tile"---so my A blocks are done.  I am liking how they look and hope that all other blocks will be as easy to increase in size.
The last block is the first of the Pile O'Fabric BOM.  A modern quilt that will teach new techniques.  This first block is called "Sound Wave".  It was very tedious to put together, but I prevailed.  It will use my hand dyes with the background a dark chocolate brown (it looks black in the picture).  Once finished each block is to be quilted using the QAYG (quilt as you go) method.  I am going to quilt mine the traditional method though--since if not, I probably wouldn't ever get it done :D.
I have made 7 blocks of the Craftsy BOM, and have put aside the "Spider Web" for a while.  I will finish it this year---hopefully by June---but I am tired of working on it so I gave myself permission to put it aside.  Hence the title of my post "No Direction".
Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great Saturday!

Monday, January 14, 2013


Like many of you, I joined BOM activities---actually two and now three. The latest one is an Alphabet BOM. There is a block each month beginning with a letter of the alphabet.  The block for January begins with A, February will be B, etc.. That means that this BOM will last for two years! I am barely able to keep my quilting goals month to month, yet alone two years! In addition the blocks are small---9 inch finished size, but my problem is I really do like the concept, and the group---so I am going to add it to my list, but modify it a bit.  Above is the first block "Antique Tile"---made in the original size and then my revised 12.5 inch size. Realizing, in addition to lacking the "will" to follow along for two years, I also like BIG quilts---so in addition to "refining" the concept for me, I am also going to make mine bigger.    How am I going to "twink" it a bit------I will choose another block---beginning with the letter of the month, and will increase the size.    I am planning to make mine a three color quilt, which for me is a real change since I LOVE scrap quilts. I am choosing navy, green and white. I will keep you posted.

 On the other quilting front, I have finished binding another baby charity quilt, so by the February meeting, I hope to have at least four to submit.   I worked this week-end, so other than the binding and these two blocks, I didn't do a lot.   Classes start tomorrow, so I don't think I will get a lot done before the week-end but then who knows. Anyway, just wanted to keep you posted.

The other block on my design wall is a "test block".   I was trying to see if I could make the quilt using 5 inch squares---yes, but LOTS of tiny pieces. I will save that for another day since I really do love the block.

 Well, have a great day! and thanks for stopping by!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Sleepless Night!

I often have problems sleeping.  If I am worried about something or even looking forward to something, I can't sleep.  Classes will start next week, but faculty returned this week.  I will have a very busy week everyday, including Saturday, which would normally be a time I could catch my breath.  Today and tomorrow will be particularly hard since I chair a committee that has some really hard decisions to make specific to student retention.  Not an easy task!  I am also feeling rather pensive and have some decisions to make personally----all in all, a not very creative time for me.

I have been up since 2:00 AM and what do you do when you can't sleep----either sew or play on the computer.  I can't sleep, but I am really too tired to handle a rotary cutter :D, so I am at the computer.  I see that a lot of bloggers are choosing a "Word of the Year".  Interesting---never done it before but it is a novel idea.  I read "The Chitlin Circuit" often (see my side bar) and Karoda has a word that I think is a good one for me as well---particularly given the events that are presenting themselves to me.  The word is DISCERNMENT.  It means to catch sight of; recognize; and understand.  I think that will be my word since for me it is appropriate for almost every aspect of my life, be it quilts, job, friends, children etc.   So that will be my word!  I will keep you posted on it's appropriateness.

On the quilting front---not much going on!  I have finished another block on the Craftsy BOM.  I want to do a little commercial for the "Steady Betty" again---wonderful tool!  My blocks have never been this square.  I finished quilting one of the baby quilts.  I am not going to be able to attend Guild this Saturday because of work, but I hope to have several done including binding and will start turning mine in.  Another goal I have is fulfill my commitments in advance----less stress for me.

Not much else to say.  Will post pictures later.   xoxo

Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Adventures!

I have to honestly say I have enjoyed this time off more than I have in a very long time.  I have given myself no real deadlines.  Haven't worried so much about the condition of the house---it looks like people live here---not chaotic, but not pristine either.  I have tried to sleep late---even take a couple of naps, have spent time playing "Words with Friends" and I am revitalized!  Faculty report to work on Monday for meetings, and I will miss my free time, but "oh well".

I have really done quite a lot of quilting, although I am not sure I have accomplished a lot.  I did finish one quilt top---pictures later and completed Diane's quilt (I will mail it today). 

For some reason Blogger is not allowing me to upload pictures so I will describe what I have done thus far.

  • Began the 2012 Craftsy BOM and have completed three blocks.  I am keeping to my commitment of using fabric I already have and it is really looking nice.  I am using my Kaffe and Kaffe-type prints so it will be very bright.  At this point the blocks are not complicated and so it is stress-free.  There are three  that involve applique and so would stress me a lot, so I am NOT going to do those.  I have chosen a couple of blocks that I will use instead.
  • Began the 2013 Craftsy BOM and I have completed the January blocks.  It looked as if you could move ahead, and I tried and got a cute disclaimer "no fair cheating".  I am using my 30's scraps for this quilt.  A totally different look!  It is interesting since the host of this BOM is one of the author's of the book that got this quilting adventure started for me "Quilt's, Quilts, Quilts".  I still use that book as a resource and go back to it often to get information or get directions to do something.  Again, this BOM isn't really complicated---many blocks I have done before, but again, it is nice to not have anything complicated.

  • Decided to also join the 2013 Skill Building BOM (see my sidebar).  I am anticipating that there will be some new things I haven't tried in this one.  I am using my hand dyes so not only will I learn something new, but hopefully "bust some stash".  It doesn't start until the 17th.

  • Still working on the String Spider Web quilt. I am not sure why it is taking me so long, but it is a bit more tedious as a string quilt since I have to create the center. I have about 12 more blocks to go, so it is over 75% completed.

  • Put the binding on one of the baby quilts I will donate to the Guild Charity and almost completed quilting another one.
All in all, a busy three days!  What have you been up to?

NOTE:  I will edit this post with pictures as soon as the blogger issue is resolved.

NOTE AGAIN: Other Bloggers were having the same problem so I followed the advice of another and used the HTML tab to upload pictures. More time consuming but it works.