Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This is my progress so far on my Scrappy TATW  (8 blocks)!  To speed up the process I cut a lot of 2.5 inch strips.  There is going to be some repeats, but it really doesn't matter to me.  The plan is to make a 84 inch square quilt....no border (49 blocks).  I am making the strata's first and then I will cut and sew them into blocks.  For me it appears to be more efficient.  There are several ways to lay out the quilt, but I really like the traditional layout.  It is interesting how when looking at the quilt, I don't see the diamond shape as well, but when I take a picture it is so apparent.  I also like the unplanned part of it, how the shape sorta blends out at points  Remember, I am into spontaneity and not so planned.

I also finished my very first truly "modern" quilt a couple of days ago.  It will be called "Study in Black and White #1"....a modern name for a modern quilt.  I didn't design it, but made it from a pattern in a magazine I recently purchased.  It is to be a housewarming gift for my oldest son and his wife.  I cannot keep a secret so as I was talking to him this week-end I let it "slip" about the quilt.  He exclaimed how neat that was, since he and his wife had decided to only hand black and white art on the wall of their bedroom.  The quilt is a wall hanging and solid black/white (also new for me).  I am now contemplating the quilting I will do.  I think I will do some freehand quilting -- sorta like I used for the quilt I made as "homework" in the Craftsy class.  I will post a picture after I have finished and sent it off, since they read my blog occasionally.  They clearly know they are getting it, but I want to keep the details a secret.

Well, just wanted to update you.  Thanks again for stopping by....more later!


  1. The Scrappy quilt is beautiful! It would be great on a bed also! Did you post a picture of the black & white quilt? The Modern Quilt Guild is having their first national conference next month. I think it is in Austin, Tx.

  2. Amazing colours!!! Looking forward to see this quilt completed!

  3. Love the scrappy TATW! Can't wait to see it finished...maybe since I've finished my trip and can stay home for awhile I'll get to work on some of my projects!! I love the scrappiness of it since you don't have to worry with which fabric/color ring is where it has to be.


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