Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quilting Block?

I have been doing "some" quilting, I have been sorta blocked.  Not sure why---but  I know we all go through the same thing on occasion.  What I did do is to make the pictured quilt tote. 

It was pretty easy to make----used one yard of pre-quilted fabric.  Although the pattern says it would hold a queen quilt, I don't think it will hold any more than one.  I think I will remake it larger, but it will definitely do for taking smaller quilts to guild, or holding equipment needed for a class. 

Anyway---this is a pretty boring post---sorry, but that is the way it goes at times.  Have a great remainder of the day!


  1. Love the bag! Where did you get the pattern? It would be handy one for taking necessaties to a class!LOL Not much going on here either. I think it's the "mid-winter" ho-hums that are going around. Hard to get up and get energetic toward starting something new with the weather really yucky outside!! Hugs, D

  2. I was also blocked. Thank goodness I had a couple things started that I didn't have to think about to finish. But, now things are back on track and my machine is whirring away with confidence. Be well. Lane


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