Monday, November 16, 2015


I have been busy with life AND quilting of course.  Just want to update you on the latest "goings on":

I have decide to name this "Good News".  It was not an easy quilt initially--certainly not for the novice, but once I figured it out it wasn't too bad.  After I had started this I began to worry a little about the red fabric's and bleeding, but it is a bit too late.  When I wash it I will just make sure I use lots of color magnets.  I used two layers of batting with this--a wool and a cotton.  Not because I really wanted to but the wool batting was terrible.  Very uneven---in some places you could read through it.  At any rate, the two did give great definition to the quilting, which you can't see in the picture.  I even sewing the binding down by hand!!!  This is a keeper for me.  I am going to look for a white coverlet (and put it on top since it is not big enough for my bed) and use it for my Christmas quilt.

This is a quilt made from the "No Name Block"---this was the subject of the workshop at the Guild Saturday.  This a the "scrappy version"---I just used whatever left over jelly roll parts I had.  It is a cute quilt!! It is destined as a gift for my niece to use to keep her warm in the car when she travels since my nephew likes to keep it really cool (keeps him alert).

This is the same quilt in a more controlled version.  Again using a jelly row, but with the same first and last strip (the white) on the strada.  This is going to be a donation quilt for an older child/toddler.  I do like it---the secondary pattern is neat and the white strips look like love knots or ribbon twists.  I think I might make this in a bed side quilt!  I am thinking about making a piano key border since I only used half of the jelly was needed after adding the white from yardage.

That's all that is going on here!  Thanks for stopping by!