Monday, June 25, 2012

Where Is Patricia?

First I want to say how much I appreciate the comments. I did take your advice and just put everything aside for a while. I sorta had to since I left town to attend a meeting. I am in Washington D.C. at a nursing conference. Our oldest son and his wife live in Maryland.

This young man and his wife is a mother's dream (not that my others are not). He is an artist (although with 2 Ph.D's he is a philosophy professor by day) and felt my "Mo Jo" had a better chance of returning if I were pampered so------
When I got off the plane he and his wife had made reservation for me to receive a massage!!!! Not just any old massage, but one with hot stones, warm towels, aromatic oils, birds singing and soft music. I woke myself up snoring a couple of times.

Then it was off to dinner--and a tour of a wonderful aromatic spice and tea shop. I did something unusual, spent money on something other than fabric.

We then had a big cup of yogurt and home to bed.

On Saturday I went to a wonderful African fabric shop, to walk the aisles and invite my creative muse back. My son waited in the car so long he went to sleep---but not once did he come in to get me or act upset that I took so long. 32 yards later....well we will see. Just to clarify, about 20 yards were for quilt backs. The other will end up hopefully in a masterpiece. My justification is the fact that it is hard to find authentic Africa fabric in middle Tennessee.

I checked into the hotel last night and went to sessions all day. So I am in my hotel room and will leave for dinner soon. I go back to my son on Wednesday and return to reality in TN on Saturday. For now I am trying really hard to relax and enjoy the moment.

Thanks again! I know I'm acting like a baby and whining, but I promise I will "get it together "

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My MoJo is on Vacation!

I know that everyone has gotten to a point along their "quilting adventure" when you find yourself sorta aimless.  Like you are a piece of orange pulp floating around in a glass of water that has just been agitated!  Well that is how I feel!  I can't seem to focus or settle on one thing.  I sit at my sewing machine and it takes me an hour to sew one strip together, I get up, and another hour to set and iron the seam and then I have lost interest.  There are so many quilts I want to make, so much fabric I have to use, but no creative energy to get started.

I am leaving on Friday for a meeting in D.C.  Our oldest son and his wife will pick me up and then have told me I have an appointment at a Spa for the afternoon!  Maybe a bit of pampering will bring MoJo back!  I sure hope so.  On my itinerary while there will be to visit a wonderful African Fabric store and additions  to an already large stash----but my justification is, there is no where around Middle Tennessee to purchase African Fabric, so I am pretty safe to get it when I can.

Another point of contention, or concern is this blog!  I read so many others that are so interesting, full of fun reading, and then there is mine.  I am again wondering if I should continue with this endeavor.  I keep telling myself it is actually a journal, and should meet my needs not the needs of the blog community, but still it is nice to see lots of followers and comments.  Thank goodness for Lane and Diane who are often leave comments and the visitor count that appears to indicate people are stopping by (if that count is real)  Maybe, I need to share more of myself----who knows!

Anyway----clearly there is nothing new on the quilting front.  Still working on the zig zag quilt hopefully to have it done soon---how soon---don't know!  When I get back from DC I am going to dye more fabric.  I got two great books---We Love Color compiled by Susanne Woods and Elizabeth Hartman's new book Modern Patch Work.  Both great books, that are totally opposite to my usual quilting style (in a way), but certainly ones that are relevant in my progression.

Well, I have lots to do before leaving, so I will wish you a great Tuesday!

Friday, June 15, 2012

I am BACK Again!!!

My "crops" are doing pretty good as you can see.  I am not sure if you can make them out, but I even have some pepper's that are starting!  Before too long I will be ready for harvest!!!!!

On the quilting front---it is pretty stagnant.  I have had to deal with a lot of some family challenges, but everything is straightening out!  I have gotten back to my quilting and so I am getting back to normal!  No new quilt pics, but soon!!!!  Just wanted to check in and let you know I am still "around".