Friday, October 26, 2012

"THE" Baby Blanket!

These are the pictures of  "The" baby blanket as promised.  The picture is kind of washed out, but I think you get the general idea.  The backing is fabric I had in my stash--only 1 yard and the "chenille" is purple, green and yellow.  I did a quilt binding in green polka dots.  I think it is a "sweet" little blanket.  Not sure where it will go, but definitely I am going to make a couple more---at least one in "guy" colors.
It has a nice soft "wrinkle" feel---very vintage.  I did a "little" quilting on one of Diane's quilts, but had some difficulty lining up the panto.  After some "frogging", there is nothing like taking stitches out while the quilt is still on the longarm, I think I have it right.  It is so weird, when I am doing quilts for myself, never any trouble, but the minute I put on a quilt that belongs to someone else, all kinds of "stumble steps" present themselves.

Well, I am tired for the day----so I am going to drink a Pepsi, fold some clothes, and watch a little television.

"See" you later!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Selfish vs. Proud!

I am wondering if I am the only quilter who has this problem.  I have a husband who absolutely LOVES every quilt I make.  So much so, he doesn't ever want me to give anything away.... not even to our kids.   Now selling maybe---but that is for another post.  He thinks he can sell my quilts for thousands----of course he says so I can buy more fabric---yea, right!

As you know I have been making baby quilts to give away---to either children in need of a warm hug from a handmade quilt, or to friends expecting.  I give them willingly--I think I have been blessed with this gift and I am moving it "forward".  I have been in positions where I needed help and received it so why shouldn't I do the same.  There have been times when I have been disappointed in that the person receiving my gift didn't really appear to be appreciative, but that's okay---I move on.  I don't stop giving them away, just not to that person again.

Anyway, this bring me to where I am now.  I saw a really cute chenille quilt pattern.  They were really popular a couple of years ago and I made one.  It was a big one, and as I remember, I really didn't like it that well, so I only made the one.  I saw though a really cute baby one and decided I would give it another try.  I had some fabric including flannel on hand (remember I am trying to use my stash) and this time purchased a cutter (I made the other one but used scissors to cut the channels).  I finished it, and "bloomed" it (sorry but my battery in the camera died, but I will post a picture tomorrow).  It is really a cute quilt, but it is a BABY quilt.  My DH got downright indignant because he said all I do is give my good work away!!!!!  Now EVERY room in this house (and it isn't a little house), has at least 6 quilts in every room!  I asked him, "why would I keep a baby quilt?"  We don't have any babies in the family right now, and when we do, I will make another.  "I don't care he says" (BTW, I HATE that term----), put it on the wall.  "Why would I put a baby quilt on the wall?"---I ask.  He left to get pizza in a huff----"don't show me anything else you make.  All you do is give your really nice things away".  So does that mean what I have isn't nice?   So is he being selfish or just proud?    It will be okay---I am going to continue to share my quilting blessing with others!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some Finishes!

I really wanted to complete something---right away!  Not sure why---just sometimes you want some completion in your life.  I should have loaded one of Diane's quilts, but I wanted IMMEDIATE gratification.  As I mentioned, I am making baby quilts to include in gift baskets for sick babies as the charity for the Guild.  I have completed 9 quilt tops and cut out 3 more yesterday.  In an effort to meet my sudden need for completion, I quilted 3 of the tops yesterday.  Two of them are backed in a really nice flannel and one in a pretty green minky.  The pattern is an old one that has been around since 2006 (Super Nine Patch).  I got it out of an old magazine and remember watching the episode on Simply Quilts.  You buy 1 yard each of 3 coordinating fabrics and get 3 quilts.  A really simple and cost effective way to come up with a really cute quilt.  This is my "go to" pattern for baby gifts!  The cutting is a little tricky---you have to pay attention, but if you do it correctly the pieces fit together perfectly!  The brightly colored quilt is actually made with a directional fabric, which isn't a good idea!, but I am making it anyway and it isn't too bad actually.  I think the baby won't mind (at least I hope not).  So, success---I feel like I have accomplished something, and for a good cause.  I don't remember when these quilts are due, I need to check with the lead person, but I also have 2 friends that are pregnant, so I am also taking care of gifts as well.  I feel like I have made good use of my 2 day Fall Break. 

It is back to work tomorrow, so I have to get back to enjoying the remainder of my day.  Thanks for dropping by!  Have a great one!!!!

Well, I have to really do some work now.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Quilt Progress!

I had an important meeting yesterday so after the meeting, I worked on "Stash Happy" (I cannot call this quilt the "Vomit Quilt").  I now have two rows done with five more to do.  The entire quilt will have 1,375 stash 2.5 inch squares in it (not counting the solid squares).  The completed rows represent 365 squares and my bin is still overflowing (counting the solid squares, it has a total of 490 squares at this point).  I really didn't realize how much you can stuff into those small containers.  I am determined to use what I have already cut, since clearly, scraps can get way out of hand.

Today I plan to complete a couple of charity quilts.  I cut out 9 this morning and should complete at least half that many today.  I caught the sale at Joanne's and got a bolt of unbleached muslin for $30.00!!! It is the "old school muslin", not the 200 ct.  I am going to use it for dyeing and for backing quilts.  I really do like the "organic" (my new favorite word) of it in quilts as well.  I also picked up some more "minky" to back the charity baby quilts.  It makes the quilt so soft, and these quilts are for sick babies, so I think it will be like a warm hug to be wrapped in it. 

It is getting cool here and I don't like it!  I am a "hot house flower" and absolutely loved living in Florida.  I so wish sometimes I was still there, but I would be away from my Grands so (deep sigh!) I am trying really hard to make the best of it here in Middle TN (with varied degrees of success).   I can't help though still wishing I had the same support system I did there, but the telephone will have to do (shake myself out of my doldrums!) and my blog for conversation with others :c)!  I am a little home sick today!

Well, enough of this---no one is interested anyway.  So much going on---so much to do----and remember, I am on FALL BREAK, so I am going to try REALLY hard to get in some fun somewhere!  Have a blessed, safe Sunday, filled with love, laughter, good food and some quilting! 


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Work!

This has been a busy last week---lots of work, not a lot of sleep, some worry, but now it is a new week and I know things are on the up-swing.  I wasn't able to sleep, so I did what most quilters do, I got up and made a couple of blocks.  This quilt has been going around blog land.  It is called the "Vomit Quilt".  Not sure why----but it is a wonderful use of all those 2.5 inch squares I cut trying out my GO! cutter.  One block requires 49 pieces!  Hanging on my design wall is 196 squares!  I decided to use up some solids I had as well so those are counted in the total.  I am determined to use up what I have first rather than cut more, so I will have some repeats, but given the chaotic look of the quilt, you shouldn't be able to see the repeats that well.  This will be a good size twin---perfect for a "cuddle up and watch TV" quilt.  I think I will back it in flannel, to make it even more comfy.

Well, gotta go get ready for work.  Next week is Fall Break and I can hardly wait!!!!  Just wanted to check in and let you know I was still around!  More later!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


(Bottom of quilt)

(Top of quilt)

All done!!!!!!  I spent all afternoon quilting circles----I can do those now almost with  my eyes closed    :c)!  This color grey really doesn't photograph well, but putting in a dark room is a little better.  The bottom is all circles, because I wanted to be DONE---and it came out pretty good---a nice progression.  I like how I mixed the designs up, but not in a real line---they sorta melt into each other!  There are some mistakes, but as I mentioned earlier----no problem!  I am going to bind it and make another---probably beginning in a couple of weeks----I need to rest a little first.  I followed the pattern exactly, but I really see where when I make it again, I will vary the placement of colors more.

I am really glad I took this class, because I see I can do this----now for a feather class---but still, this is not going to be something I will do a lot of. 

I have a headache (and backache, and shoulder ache) now---so I am going to drink a "blue label" (Pepsi) and watch a little telly! 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Progress and Lessons Learned!

I am about 3/4 finished with my practice piece.  I have learned a LOT!  The pictures are washed out, but hopefully you get the idea.  The lessons I have learned include:
  1. Although you should change top threads to match the color of your fabric, don't change bobbin color if you can help it.  The back of this will look "yuk", but it is a practice piece so I will not obsess.
  2. Match your back to your front so you can have the same color bobbin as front.
  3. Watch your tension!  I had to do some unsewing but I found some problems only when I rolled it up.  Again, the back will be "yuk".
  4. Check the tension of your bobbin with each thread change.  I use the Towa bobbin tension tool, and because I was changing bobbin threads, I should have also checked the bobbin tension.  When I decided I wasn't going to match my bobbin to my top, it took me a while to get the tension just right!  The front tension is also important, since I found that the thread color has a lot to do with the tension---dark thread seems to need the most tension adjustment since it appears thicker---at least mine did.
  5. No matter how hard you try, you will have "oops".  I am "out of the line" on quite a few designs, but again, this is a practice piece and I will not obsess!
  6. It is important to use a thread that matches the top because of the lesson learned in #5.  If the thread matches, the "opps" and thread build-up is less noticeable.
  7. Custom quilting takes a LONG, LONG time! and uses a LOT of thread!!!!!!
I had to stop since the close work does give me a headache.  I am so close to finish, I can "taste" it and really want to hurry up and finish!  Even though there are a lot of mistakes, it isn't really bad for a first time.  My swirls are a little flat and my spirals not as round as they should be, but "oh well".  Although this makes a pretty quilt, I can honestly say, I will not do a lot of quilts with this....too much time!  For special quilts, yes, but give me my Circle Lord and Panto's for most quilts.

Well just wanted to check in---I do plan to bind this, but it will not be a quilt I use, but one I look over to get ideas for the "real" deal.

Hope your Saturday is going well.  It is very cool here!  I am in my customary winter home outfit of flannel pj bottoms and t-shirts.  I am going to have to put  my quilting aside,  since I am doing a demo at Guild meeting next week and I have to get the "samples" made.  Sure wish I had a momma I could go to visit and get a big bowl of homemade soup/stew.  Perfect weather for it!  Oh well, maybe I will make my own tomorrow.

Take care and thanks for stopping by!