Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some Finishes!

I really wanted to complete something---right away!  Not sure why---just sometimes you want some completion in your life.  I should have loaded one of Diane's quilts, but I wanted IMMEDIATE gratification.  As I mentioned, I am making baby quilts to include in gift baskets for sick babies as the charity for the Guild.  I have completed 9 quilt tops and cut out 3 more yesterday.  In an effort to meet my sudden need for completion, I quilted 3 of the tops yesterday.  Two of them are backed in a really nice flannel and one in a pretty green minky.  The pattern is an old one that has been around since 2006 (Super Nine Patch).  I got it out of an old magazine and remember watching the episode on Simply Quilts.  You buy 1 yard each of 3 coordinating fabrics and get 3 quilts.  A really simple and cost effective way to come up with a really cute quilt.  This is my "go to" pattern for baby gifts!  The cutting is a little tricky---you have to pay attention, but if you do it correctly the pieces fit together perfectly!  The brightly colored quilt is actually made with a directional fabric, which isn't a good idea!, but I am making it anyway and it isn't too bad actually.  I think the baby won't mind (at least I hope not).  So, success---I feel like I have accomplished something, and for a good cause.  I don't remember when these quilts are due, I need to check with the lead person, but I also have 2 friends that are pregnant, so I am also taking care of gifts as well.  I feel like I have made good use of my 2 day Fall Break. 

It is back to work tomorrow, so I have to get back to enjoying the remainder of my day.  Thanks for dropping by!  Have a great one!!!!

Well, I have to really do some work now.

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  1. That is such an easy, quick quilt. Wonder why I don't make it more often?? Glad you had time to get some "instant gratification"! It makes you feel SO good!~ LOL


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