Saturday, October 6, 2012

Progress and Lessons Learned!

I am about 3/4 finished with my practice piece.  I have learned a LOT!  The pictures are washed out, but hopefully you get the idea.  The lessons I have learned include:
  1. Although you should change top threads to match the color of your fabric, don't change bobbin color if you can help it.  The back of this will look "yuk", but it is a practice piece so I will not obsess.
  2. Match your back to your front so you can have the same color bobbin as front.
  3. Watch your tension!  I had to do some unsewing but I found some problems only when I rolled it up.  Again, the back will be "yuk".
  4. Check the tension of your bobbin with each thread change.  I use the Towa bobbin tension tool, and because I was changing bobbin threads, I should have also checked the bobbin tension.  When I decided I wasn't going to match my bobbin to my top, it took me a while to get the tension just right!  The front tension is also important, since I found that the thread color has a lot to do with the tension---dark thread seems to need the most tension adjustment since it appears thicker---at least mine did.
  5. No matter how hard you try, you will have "oops".  I am "out of the line" on quite a few designs, but again, this is a practice piece and I will not obsess!
  6. It is important to use a thread that matches the top because of the lesson learned in #5.  If the thread matches, the "opps" and thread build-up is less noticeable.
  7. Custom quilting takes a LONG, LONG time! and uses a LOT of thread!!!!!!
I had to stop since the close work does give me a headache.  I am so close to finish, I can "taste" it and really want to hurry up and finish!  Even though there are a lot of mistakes, it isn't really bad for a first time.  My swirls are a little flat and my spirals not as round as they should be, but "oh well".  Although this makes a pretty quilt, I can honestly say, I will not do a lot of quilts with this....too much time!  For special quilts, yes, but give me my Circle Lord and Panto's for most quilts.

Well just wanted to check in---I do plan to bind this, but it will not be a quilt I use, but one I look over to get ideas for the "real" deal.

Hope your Saturday is going well.  It is very cool here!  I am in my customary winter home outfit of flannel pj bottoms and t-shirts.  I am going to have to put  my quilting aside,  since I am doing a demo at Guild meeting next week and I have to get the "samples" made.  Sure wish I had a momma I could go to visit and get a big bowl of homemade soup/stew.  Perfect weather for it!  Oh well, maybe I will make my own tomorrow.

Take care and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Now these don't look that bad. Better than mine would for sure! You have accomplished what you set out to do when you started on this one--learn a new method and evaluate how you would use it in the future. ;-) Just think of what they'll say in 50 years when they look at it "Oh how spontaneous she was with this one"! LOL Hugs...


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