Thursday, October 25, 2012

Selfish vs. Proud!

I am wondering if I am the only quilter who has this problem.  I have a husband who absolutely LOVES every quilt I make.  So much so, he doesn't ever want me to give anything away.... not even to our kids.   Now selling maybe---but that is for another post.  He thinks he can sell my quilts for thousands----of course he says so I can buy more fabric---yea, right!

As you know I have been making baby quilts to give away---to either children in need of a warm hug from a handmade quilt, or to friends expecting.  I give them willingly--I think I have been blessed with this gift and I am moving it "forward".  I have been in positions where I needed help and received it so why shouldn't I do the same.  There have been times when I have been disappointed in that the person receiving my gift didn't really appear to be appreciative, but that's okay---I move on.  I don't stop giving them away, just not to that person again.

Anyway, this bring me to where I am now.  I saw a really cute chenille quilt pattern.  They were really popular a couple of years ago and I made one.  It was a big one, and as I remember, I really didn't like it that well, so I only made the one.  I saw though a really cute baby one and decided I would give it another try.  I had some fabric including flannel on hand (remember I am trying to use my stash) and this time purchased a cutter (I made the other one but used scissors to cut the channels).  I finished it, and "bloomed" it (sorry but my battery in the camera died, but I will post a picture tomorrow).  It is really a cute quilt, but it is a BABY quilt.  My DH got downright indignant because he said all I do is give my good work away!!!!!  Now EVERY room in this house (and it isn't a little house), has at least 6 quilts in every room!  I asked him, "why would I keep a baby quilt?"  We don't have any babies in the family right now, and when we do, I will make another.  "I don't care he says" (BTW, I HATE that term----), put it on the wall.  "Why would I put a baby quilt on the wall?"---I ask.  He left to get pizza in a huff----"don't show me anything else you make.  All you do is give your really nice things away".  So does that mean what I have isn't nice?   So is he being selfish or just proud?    It will be okay---I am going to continue to share my quilting blessing with others!

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  1. Keep enjoying the making & giving, you will be richer for it. God blesses a cheerful giver!


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