Sunday, October 7, 2012


(Bottom of quilt)

(Top of quilt)

All done!!!!!!  I spent all afternoon quilting circles----I can do those now almost with  my eyes closed    :c)!  This color grey really doesn't photograph well, but putting in a dark room is a little better.  The bottom is all circles, because I wanted to be DONE---and it came out pretty good---a nice progression.  I like how I mixed the designs up, but not in a real line---they sorta melt into each other!  There are some mistakes, but as I mentioned earlier----no problem!  I am going to bind it and make another---probably beginning in a couple of weeks----I need to rest a little first.  I followed the pattern exactly, but I really see where when I make it again, I will vary the placement of colors more.

I am really glad I took this class, because I see I can do this----now for a feather class---but still, this is not going to be something I will do a lot of. 

I have a headache (and backache, and shoulder ache) now---so I am going to drink a "blue label" (Pepsi) and watch a little telly! 


  1. The quilting looks fabulous!

  2. Fantastic!! Glad you got finished with it today, now you can start on something that will be more relaxing to you. You've proved it to yourself that you can do it, now to practice later on with something else!! Congratulations!! Hugs...

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