Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Work!

This has been a busy last week---lots of work, not a lot of sleep, some worry, but now it is a new week and I know things are on the up-swing.  I wasn't able to sleep, so I did what most quilters do, I got up and made a couple of blocks.  This quilt has been going around blog land.  It is called the "Vomit Quilt".  Not sure why----but it is a wonderful use of all those 2.5 inch squares I cut trying out my GO! cutter.  One block requires 49 pieces!  Hanging on my design wall is 196 squares!  I decided to use up some solids I had as well so those are counted in the total.  I am determined to use up what I have first rather than cut more, so I will have some repeats, but given the chaotic look of the quilt, you shouldn't be able to see the repeats that well.  This will be a good size twin---perfect for a "cuddle up and watch TV" quilt.  I think I will back it in flannel, to make it even more comfy.

Well, gotta go get ready for work.  Next week is Fall Break and I can hardly wait!!!!  Just wanted to check in and let you know I was still around!  More later!

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  1. Other than the name, I really like the quilt. I've been looking for a 2.5" squares project. That's another bin that's filling up with leftovers. Be well. Lane


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