Sunday, March 29, 2009


This week-end has been a busy one!!! I worked on Saturday and was on-call today, so I had to stay close. Lucky for me---I wasn't called in, so I did get some quilting done. I finished the hexagon quilt top (see above, with Coal as usual, trying it out for size) and will load it this evening to quilt. I really think it turned out cute--just the right size for a one year old! I can see when I make mine I will need about 4 jelly-rows--this one required two and is much too small for me.

My spring picture is really not reflective of what the weather is like now. It is COLD--COLD!! It is suppose to be spring, but it feels more like early winter. Of course Easter is in early April and every since I was a little girl, it has always been cold on Easter Sunday--you would freeze in your little dress and of course you wouldn't want to wear your winter coat and so would tell your mother---"no I am not cold at all" you could at least get away with wearing your sunday sweater rather than your coat. Given that history, I am expecting that spring will really not get here until the middle or late April.

Well- gotta go and wash some uniforms---I have my clinical group tomorrow.

Hugs! have a great night and wonderful Monday

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am a "hot house flower"!! It honestly can't get too hot for me. It has been hard for me to become accustomed again to cold weather so when spring comes---I am overjoyed. This is a picture of one of the bushes in my backyard (there is building going on in the background). They are plentiful around here and to me, nothing more happy and "spring" looking.

Come on Summer!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hope You Are Having A Great Day!!!!!

It is a glorious, sunny day here in the Tennessee Valley. The temperature today is suppose to be in the 70's. I have been busy sewing this morning---have spoken to #1 son in Maryland, and my #3 Grandson in Florida today, so it is a happy day for me. I have even put on dinner--so my husband will think it is Christmas!!!:-)

I don't really have anything planned, but am going to try to just relax a bit---and when not sewing, I will knit and try to get at least one sock finished today.

Check out the picture of my "Hexagon" quilt. As I think I mentioned, I plan on giving this to my GS's teacher. It is really turning out nice....check out the "creative" block. It is almost half finished (it has 9 rolls or 18 half rows---however you want to count it) I am going to try to find some black/white stripe for the binding and I am going to leave the edges "as is" rather than cutting them straight. Hopefully, I can find the stripe I want---I think that would be the perfect "zinger".

I am also going to make it again for me, but of course, it will be bigger and will not be in solids. It is really not hard to make at all. The pattern was designed by Sandy Klop of American Girl fame. It was in a 2008 issue of McCall's Quilting, and I ordered the set of Equilateral Triangle Templates from them, but you could actually use a generic Triangle Template as well. You really have to pay attention though to putting it together. I had to do a little "frog stitching" because I wasn't being as diligent as I should have been.

Well, I have to get going----have a wonderful day!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I was re-reading my last post and I just wanted to "stop in" for a minute and update you on my mood. I am much better!!!!! Maybe it is just "my time of life", but anyway, I am feeling much better. I have been making some progress on my Hexagon quilt, and have decided to give it to my GS's teacher (for her baby). She has made this year a good one for him and is a nice person. The quilt is in solids and really was an exercise for me to get out of my usual, it is a small throw, perfect for a little one. I'll take pictures later today.

Anyway---I will post more this afternoon, but I just wanted to let you know my little "thunder cloud" has passed.

To celebrate I have given my blog a new look---.

Hugs! and I will "talk" to you later!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blue Funk!

Do you ever find yourself in a type of "blue funk"--not really angry, not really depressed, just not yourself? Well, that is where I am right now. I think some of it is because: 1) I am tired! I never seem to have enough time to get things done. I was once a meticulous housekeeper--even with five children. Now my house is almost a pit---at least to me. It seems to take me all day just to clean one room and then when I finally get it all done, it is time to start over.; 2) I am without a close friend here and I think I might be a little lonely. I have met some wonderful women, don't get me wrong. I love going to Guild because there are some really nice ladies there, but I can't seem to find the time to really begin a friendship. I guess I have been spoiled because where I grew up (Oklahoma) I had and still have great friends. I have one really close friend in Florida, but I just wish she were here. She will be coming in a few weeks for the AQS, so hopefully, that will take care of the loneliness. The other reasons I feel this way is a mystery to me, but I just do.

Oh well--enough of the "pity party", things could be better, but they could be a whole lot worse, so I am going to bunk up, drink a pepsi and maybe sew a bit (after I do some work and try to clean a bathroom).

Now, what else have I been up to----well, I am still working on the "Depression Block" ---wow, what an appropriate block for me to be working on right now :-), and I have begun to work on the hexagon quilt again. Diane tells me that if I will put the bindings on the quilts, she will sew them down for me when she comes---believe it or not, she LIKES to do bindings, so I will get at least get the binding on one of the quilts. Because I am in the middle of projects, my sewing "studio" is a mess (I don't mind that being a mess---just the rest of the house).

How many of you quilt in a orderly environment? Not many I bet. I have posted the following pictures to share with you how MY creative process looks.

Thank you so much for listening!!!! I feel much better!!!!

Hugs and have a great day!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What I have been up to!

I work at the hospital two Saturday's a month and yesterday was my Saturday. It was a pretty good day---beginning with a lot of patients who went home; two babies born--one a little early but stabilized and conversation with co-workers I enjoy! I was really tired when I got home (12 hour shifts do that to me), but I had a relatively good day. The drive home wasn't pleasant however---a driving COLD rain--but I made it safe and sound so the day ended on a good note.

(Note:This picture is of the scraps before I started cutting)

I got home and today have decided to play with a new toy. I think I mentioned earlier that I have a very supportive husband. One of the things he got me for Christmas was a Accuquilt Go! It came with a die, but it only results in a 7 inch block. I like BIG quilts---even my lap quilts are more single bed size. I have been purchasing other dies and one of the latest ones is a 3 inch finished triangle. I love scrap quilts---and one block that I have wanted to make is the Depression Block (see it at Quiltscrape). It is made with triangle squares --32 per block. I also love using thangles or triangles on a roll, but these aren't really that "user friendly" if you are making a scrap quilt, so the Go! die is perfect. I gathered my big scraps and started cutting---pretty soon I think I have cut enough triangles for not only a 90 x 100 quilt but I will probably have some left over.

(Note: This picture is the pan of triangles --on the right--and the NEW pile of scraps --on the left)

I know you are thinking---"I thought Patricia said she was going to finish the projects she has going" or "She can always start a new quilt, but can't even put binding on the ones she has"----I know--I know, but also remember, this is my hobby and the nature of hobbies is spontaneity so I am being spontaneous. I figure if I make 3-4 blocks daily, I will have it done in no time---while I AM working on some of my other projects---see I figure it out!!! :-)

This is the first of the 3-4 Depression Blocks I will be making daily---until I get the 72 I need for my quilt.

Well, I gotta go start working on my projects!


This That and The Other: CELEBRATION !

This That and The Other: CELEBRATION !

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Rainbow!

Your rainbow is shaded violet.


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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Wednesday!

Yesterday it was 82 degrees---today it is in the 40's. Some of the trees are blooming already, and even some flowers are up. Poor things! Hopefully this is the last cold spell before spring really gets here.

I have finished the quilt---I still like it! In one picture you see Coal---this is what he does every time I spread a quilt down---even when I am sewing on binding. He brought his frog with him (the green in the picture), so I guess he was settling down for a snooze.

Well---on to my next project!!! I have also started a pair of socks for my GS. I think I mentioned he wanted a pair of red socks---but I also got some variegated thread (blue and red) that he also likes----so I will knit him two pair....Grandmothers are such push-overs.

Have a wonderful rest of the day! I am going to fix me a cup of hot chocolate!!!!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just a Quick Hey!

I am sleepy---this daylight savings time change gets me every time!!!! I had a meeting this morning at 8:00 AM---I hurried to get there--it is a 45 minute drive from my house and lo and behold---the person who called this mandatory meeting wasn't there----so------. I had been up since 4:30 AM worried I would oversleep.

I did get work done however and although it was a long day for me (I have a 3 hour class I teach in the afternoon), it was productive....I guess!

I have finished my latest quilt---I am finishing up sewing down the binding! I will post pics tomorrow---it is too dark and I am TOO tired!. I have decided to not wash it until I show it at Guild on Monday---it might not wash as well as I think. It took me longer to quilt because of the tight stippling, but I like it! It is the first quilt I have made using linen, so I am sort of anxious to see how it washes though.

Next on my list---bind one of the quilts I have waiting before I start something else....or at least sew the binding on and stitch it down later (I sew all my bindings on by hand).

Hugs! and we'll "talk" tomorrow!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I finished quilting for the evening and sat down to do what I always end (and often begin) my day doing---reading my favorite blogs and what should I see----but I have been given the Keative Blogger Award by Zlaty from Zlaty Sews. Wow---I know this is just for fun---but I am really surprised and honored. I haven't been doing this for very long (since January) but I find it such fun. Thanks Zlaty! The rules are for me to pass it on to 7 more bloggers and to list 7 things I love---- The things I love first----

1. Jesus who has blessed me beyond belief.

2. My husband of 30+ years--he NEVER, EVER says a thing about how much fabric I buy and in fact often buys me the latest gadgets---(the latest -- the Go Cutter) and tools (a Gammill)---plus he ALWAYS loves every quilt I make.

3. Each of my five adult children---not only do I love them, but I also like them.

4. My nine grandchildren---I wish I could have been a grandmother first---it is too much fun!!!

5. My Gammill Premier--even if it doesn't have a stitch regulator and at times causes me to develop a tension headache

6. My collection of quilting magazines and books---reading is my second love and nothing pleases me more than to take a good quilting book and read while sipping a "blue label"--my name for pepsi.

7. My sewing room/studio---I am so glad I took a room we never used (a formal dining room) and turned it into my "zen" place.

Now the 7 bloggers I pass the award on to ---

1. Quilting Daze

2. Scraps and Threadtails

3. Crazy Mom Quilts

4. Longarm Quilter and Handdyer

5. Giraffe Dreams

6. Kathy's Fancy Stitching News

7. Quilt It

There are so many more---each one gives me something unique and I truly appreciate it. I am new to the area I live in and usually quilt alone--quilting blogs give me the support that I don't always have "on site". Thanks to each of you!!!!!---and especially to you Zlaty!---Hugs!

Friday, March 6, 2009


I got up early this morning and put on the borders of my "Chinese Coin". I really like it as does my DH (but hen he likes everything I make---sweet guy). I plan to put it on the frame today and begin quilting. As I said, I really think I will stipple since although I tried very hard, because it is linen, there might be a few stretched areas (I like to press with steam). I have found when I use pantos, I don't have the ability to "quilt out" areas as well. I found some brown polka dot that I am going to use to bind it.

It really was a fast sew--I think because it really didn't include any fancy stitching---essentally just straight seams. I have quite a few left over charm "coins" left so I think I will make another smaller lap quilt. I plan on making my GS's teacher a quilt, so maybe I will use those for that.

I finished the binding on my "Spring Fling" quilt. I love the backing----I bound it with the same fabric. I love the pattern---I plan on making another one-this time in linen and batiks.

I have also included a picture of my latest knitting project. My GS wants some socks---actually some red socks (this is his current favorite color) but since I don't have red yarn, I am going to use this sorta burgundy yarn and promise him some red socks later. I ordered this yarn from online (Knitpiks) and it is 100% wool at the price of cheaper yarn at Joanne's.
I also included a picture of my needles I ordered. Fifteen sizes---I really like how they knit---slippery enough to get the yarn off easier, but not so slippery they fall off. They are bamboo so I think for $25 I got a good deal. As I get better I might invest in more expensive ones, but the pretty ones I did get are really harder to manipulate (too short), so since I have every size, I am not sure I need to get more anyway.

If you check my clock, you will see I am counting down to Puducah AQS. My "sister" Diane (who lives in Jacksonville) and I plan "sister time" twice a year--for Nashville AQS and Puducah AQS. Since this year is the 25th anniversary, we anticipate this show will be special. I look forward to her visits since although I can and have gone to quilt shows along, it is so nice to have someone to share it with, who truly appreciates the beauty we see. My DH is also looking forward to her visit since she always cooks him homemade chicken and dumplings. We always plan several days there (it is a day trip from my house). I am not sure if we will go to Knoxville---it is further and not as easy to make it as a day trip, at least not several in a row--but we shall see. Since I think Diane will drive this time---she will not have to worry about taking all her goodies back on a plane.
Well---I am going to finish my cereal and get ready for the day!

Have a great one!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Finished!!!!

No picture yet---battery is down on the camera---but I finished my chinese coin quilt!!!!! (BTW--check out Quilting Daze---there is a picture of a chinese quilt there--also a source for me). The quilt looks pretty good---it is the first quilt I have made using linen---I don't prewash, so I imagine it will really "crink" up nicely when I do. I plan to quilt it in a tight stipple as well.

Hopefully I will be able to put up pictures tomorrow!

Hugs and have a restful evening!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Know I Said I Wasn't Gonna But-----

I had my plans all laid out---finish up several quilts BEFORE I started something else---but--it didn't work. I saw this really neat Chinese Coin Quilt on one of the blogs I follow---(Crazy Mom Quilts) and it was so cute. Of course, I do NOT make small quilts, so I had to do some math--I have (as do many of you) several packs of charms, so I decided to use those. I normally buy two packs --- in order to make a large (full size) I will need a little over 100 "coins". Since the two charm packs have 45 squares in each, I will have more than enough (180) coins. I started going through my bins of fashion fabric and found a lot of linen, so I am using a beige linen as the sashing. It is really looking pretty good. I already have three columns made with 10 more to go. The battery is down in my camera, but I will take a picture tomorrow.

I didn't work on the Guild challenge (I wasn't in the mood---although it will be finished by the deadline in June); I am almost finished sewing the binding down on my Kaffe Quilt; and cleaned a bit more; washed and folded a couple of loads of clothes. All and all I had a pretty productive day.

I have decided to not make promises to myself---I am just going to do what I feel like----after all, quilting is my "hobby" and hobbies are all about spontaneity----


Monday, March 2, 2009

A Good Day!

The week has started off as a very productive one--even if I did have to work on Saturday!

On Sunday I got a telephone call from two of our sons (I have five adult children---three boys and two girls). They were both doing fine, as were their families. It is always good to hear from them, particularly when everything is going great!!!

On Sunday, I went shopping for some school clothes with my daughter for my grandson, her son. He is growing so fast that he seems to outgrow everything after only a few months. We got great sales---and I even managed to get myself a couple of sweaters. I normally don't buy a lot of clothes, preferring to spend my money on fabric (I know many of you can relate). As a result, I only buy on clearance--not sale. I was able to get two sweaters (one a Vera Wang) for 75% off!!!! It was a great!!! buy and will be great for work.

Then, today, I finished my other sock!!!! I didn't do as good a job on closing the toe--but since it had been forever since I had knitted anything---I think that for knitting with not two, but four needles, they turned out pretty good (see the picture--I still had my pj's on in the one). I am going to try to be patient and wait for the yarn I ordered to come---although I would really like to start another pair (for me) using the self-stripe yarn I have. The next pair will be for my grandson and husband.

AND, I finished quilting my latest quilt AND put the binding on!!!! It really turned out nice (at least I think so---). I am always amazed at the dimension quilting adds (see picture). The quilt was listed as a lap but honestly, it is really much larger. I followed the cutting dimensions, so I didn't add anything. The larger however the better for me. I don't make many small quilts, unless they are baby quilts. I make my quilts to be used and even if they are for wrapping up in when watching television, I really think a large quilt works better.

I also gave Coal a bath--see the picture--he acted like he was cold, so I covered him with a towel. He is so black and curly, that when he is sleeping (and he was) and you can't see his eyes, it is hard to distinguish his features. Such a sweet boy!

From the other blogs, I see many of you have experienced the snow storm. The storm here was very localized----an area about 20 miles from us got 4 inches of snow---we got absolutely none! It is cold, but very sunny!---and this week-end it is suppose to be 70 degrees!!!

I have noticed that almost 200 people have visited my blog. I really don't get many comments (in fact I think I have only gotten two), but it is nice to know people are visiting....from all over the world. I hope I am providing some information and at the very least, a respite from the ordinary. I know I enjoy reading others blogs and have gotten some great ideas from them.

Tomorrow, I plan to work on my Guild Challenge; bind at least one of the quilts I have waiting (I still don't know why I hate doing that); work a bit on the hexagon quilt; complete or at least begin at least one of the BOM; and of course clean a bit.

Have a great evening and happy quilting!