Sunday, March 29, 2009


This week-end has been a busy one!!! I worked on Saturday and was on-call today, so I had to stay close. Lucky for me---I wasn't called in, so I did get some quilting done. I finished the hexagon quilt top (see above, with Coal as usual, trying it out for size) and will load it this evening to quilt. I really think it turned out cute--just the right size for a one year old! I can see when I make mine I will need about 4 jelly-rows--this one required two and is much too small for me.

My spring picture is really not reflective of what the weather is like now. It is COLD--COLD!! It is suppose to be spring, but it feels more like early winter. Of course Easter is in early April and every since I was a little girl, it has always been cold on Easter Sunday--you would freeze in your little dress and of course you wouldn't want to wear your winter coat and so would tell your mother---"no I am not cold at all" you could at least get away with wearing your sunday sweater rather than your coat. Given that history, I am expecting that spring will really not get here until the middle or late April.

Well- gotta go and wash some uniforms---I have my clinical group tomorrow.

Hugs! have a great night and wonderful Monday

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  1. Your hexagon quilt turned out cute. I love the solid colors you used.


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