Sunday, March 15, 2009

What I have been up to!

I work at the hospital two Saturday's a month and yesterday was my Saturday. It was a pretty good day---beginning with a lot of patients who went home; two babies born--one a little early but stabilized and conversation with co-workers I enjoy! I was really tired when I got home (12 hour shifts do that to me), but I had a relatively good day. The drive home wasn't pleasant however---a driving COLD rain--but I made it safe and sound so the day ended on a good note.

(Note:This picture is of the scraps before I started cutting)

I got home and today have decided to play with a new toy. I think I mentioned earlier that I have a very supportive husband. One of the things he got me for Christmas was a Accuquilt Go! It came with a die, but it only results in a 7 inch block. I like BIG quilts---even my lap quilts are more single bed size. I have been purchasing other dies and one of the latest ones is a 3 inch finished triangle. I love scrap quilts---and one block that I have wanted to make is the Depression Block (see it at Quiltscrape). It is made with triangle squares --32 per block. I also love using thangles or triangles on a roll, but these aren't really that "user friendly" if you are making a scrap quilt, so the Go! die is perfect. I gathered my big scraps and started cutting---pretty soon I think I have cut enough triangles for not only a 90 x 100 quilt but I will probably have some left over.

(Note: This picture is the pan of triangles --on the right--and the NEW pile of scraps --on the left)

I know you are thinking---"I thought Patricia said she was going to finish the projects she has going" or "She can always start a new quilt, but can't even put binding on the ones she has"----I know--I know, but also remember, this is my hobby and the nature of hobbies is spontaneity so I am being spontaneous. I figure if I make 3-4 blocks daily, I will have it done in no time---while I AM working on some of my other projects---see I figure it out!!! :-)

This is the first of the 3-4 Depression Blocks I will be making daily---until I get the 72 I need for my quilt.

Well, I gotta go start working on my projects!


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  1. What a beautiful quilt came out of all the scraps. Very nice!


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