Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Wednesday!

Yesterday it was 82 degrees---today it is in the 40's. Some of the trees are blooming already, and even some flowers are up. Poor things! Hopefully this is the last cold spell before spring really gets here.

I have finished the quilt---I still like it! In one picture you see Coal---this is what he does every time I spread a quilt down---even when I am sewing on binding. He brought his frog with him (the green in the picture), so I guess he was settling down for a snooze.

Well---on to my next project!!! I have also started a pair of socks for my GS. I think I mentioned he wanted a pair of red socks---but I also got some variegated thread (blue and red) that he also likes----so I will knit him two pair....Grandmothers are such push-overs.

Have a wonderful rest of the day! I am going to fix me a cup of hot chocolate!!!!!



  1. Excellent job on the quilting and congratulations on a fabulous finished quilt. I love the puppy on your quilt. Mine always has to sleep on a new quilt too.

  2. What is it about new quilts that make pets want to "christen" them? Everyone I know that has a pet say they have to lay on them as soon as they are done!
    Love the Chinese coin! What type of fabric are the coins? I don't remember reading that.

    Sis Diane

  3. Hi, Patricia!
    I am a new quilter, and found your blog the other night while doing a little "quilt research." Your work is beautiful and inspiring! I especially love the little snippets of coal! I just want to reach through my computer and hug him! Mu husband's Granny always had black standard poodles. Their names were Flame, Coal, and Sparky! You are lucky to have him! Thank you for your blog.


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