Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Know I Said I Wasn't Gonna But-----

I had my plans all laid out---finish up several quilts BEFORE I started something else---but--it didn't work. I saw this really neat Chinese Coin Quilt on one of the blogs I follow---(Crazy Mom Quilts) and it was so cute. Of course, I do NOT make small quilts, so I had to do some math--I have (as do many of you) several packs of charms, so I decided to use those. I normally buy two packs --- in order to make a large (full size) I will need a little over 100 "coins". Since the two charm packs have 45 squares in each, I will have more than enough (180) coins. I started going through my bins of fashion fabric and found a lot of linen, so I am using a beige linen as the sashing. It is really looking pretty good. I already have three columns made with 10 more to go. The battery is down in my camera, but I will take a picture tomorrow.

I didn't work on the Guild challenge (I wasn't in the mood---although it will be finished by the deadline in June); I am almost finished sewing the binding down on my Kaffe Quilt; and cleaned a bit more; washed and folded a couple of loads of clothes. All and all I had a pretty productive day.

I have decided to not make promises to myself---I am just going to do what I feel like----after all, quilting is my "hobby" and hobbies are all about spontaneity----


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