Friday, March 6, 2009


I got up early this morning and put on the borders of my "Chinese Coin". I really like it as does my DH (but hen he likes everything I make---sweet guy). I plan to put it on the frame today and begin quilting. As I said, I really think I will stipple since although I tried very hard, because it is linen, there might be a few stretched areas (I like to press with steam). I have found when I use pantos, I don't have the ability to "quilt out" areas as well. I found some brown polka dot that I am going to use to bind it.

It really was a fast sew--I think because it really didn't include any fancy stitching---essentally just straight seams. I have quite a few left over charm "coins" left so I think I will make another smaller lap quilt. I plan on making my GS's teacher a quilt, so maybe I will use those for that.

I finished the binding on my "Spring Fling" quilt. I love the backing----I bound it with the same fabric. I love the pattern---I plan on making another one-this time in linen and batiks.

I have also included a picture of my latest knitting project. My GS wants some socks---actually some red socks (this is his current favorite color) but since I don't have red yarn, I am going to use this sorta burgundy yarn and promise him some red socks later. I ordered this yarn from online (Knitpiks) and it is 100% wool at the price of cheaper yarn at Joanne's.
I also included a picture of my needles I ordered. Fifteen sizes---I really like how they knit---slippery enough to get the yarn off easier, but not so slippery they fall off. They are bamboo so I think for $25 I got a good deal. As I get better I might invest in more expensive ones, but the pretty ones I did get are really harder to manipulate (too short), so since I have every size, I am not sure I need to get more anyway.

If you check my clock, you will see I am counting down to Puducah AQS. My "sister" Diane (who lives in Jacksonville) and I plan "sister time" twice a year--for Nashville AQS and Puducah AQS. Since this year is the 25th anniversary, we anticipate this show will be special. I look forward to her visits since although I can and have gone to quilt shows along, it is so nice to have someone to share it with, who truly appreciates the beauty we see. My DH is also looking forward to her visit since she always cooks him homemade chicken and dumplings. We always plan several days there (it is a day trip from my house). I am not sure if we will go to Knoxville---it is further and not as easy to make it as a day trip, at least not several in a row--but we shall see. Since I think Diane will drive this time---she will not have to worry about taking all her goodies back on a plane.
Well---I am going to finish my cereal and get ready for the day!

Have a great one!


  1. Patricia, I love the colors in the Chinese Coin quilt. Congratulations on finishing the Spring Fling quilt. This is a very nice pattern , perfect for scraps too.

  2. Love the fresh look of your Chinese coins! Good job on the Spring fling, too!
    Wow lots of needles, i think you got a good deal and then you can experiment with different sizes.
    I read your comment on Millie's blog and I am curious to see your linen quilt :)

    Have a nice day!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, Patricia. Thought I'd jaunt on over to yours and return the favor.

    Your Chinese Coins is just fresh and Springlike!

    Just thought I'd tell you that I do not have a pattern for my felted wool bowls. I just crochet round and round and when I have a base of about 6"...I then begin crocheting the sides. That usually felts down to about a 4" base, give or take. So try it and enjoy!


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