Monday, April 29, 2013


This is my progress so far on the Ying/Yang quilt.  I am using a batik jelly roll that I purchased last year at AQS.  It is interesting that it was a predominate purple one, yet there were yellows and beiges in there as accent pieces.  I am making a queen size with unbleached muslin as the background.  I am going to border it so it should (hopefully) be large enough for my new BIG bed!

Last week was AQS in Paducah.  Diane came up and we went for two days.  I have to tell you though, it was COLD both days we went.  The second day (Saturday) it was rainy all day.  I really believe that had we not been going on a bus, we would have bypassed the trip.  The quilts were beautiful and except for a few, I was really inspired!  To clarify, I am only inspired by quilts I feel I would be able to make myself.  The very intricate ones that look like they were made by a machine, although beautiful, do not inspire me to quilt, but rather make me feel defeated since I could NEVER make anything like them.  This year there were more quilts that I think, given a perfect alignment with the stars, I could possibly make myself!

Both Diane and I were very selective about our purchases this year.  For seven years I have been looking for Kaffe strips to make a quilt I saw in a magazine and later in a book.  This year I purchased those strips (15 half-yard cuts) and some shot cotton.  I also found some strips and fats at Hancock's, although I didn't see a real SALE on fabric, although I got some patterns 50% off.  I got a ironing board cover (which I put on and am very disappointed with), but all in all I stuck to my list.  I did have two impulse buys---two cute little magnets that hold scissors and pins and some inks to dye fabric.  This isn't all I purchased (of course), but the highlights.  Next year they will add a show in Chattanooga which is only about 1.5 hours away from my home.  Great fun!  Diane will not be able to come again for that one, so I am going to scoop it out and see how it is.

At any rate, I had a great week!  Only wish I had won the lottery, or found several thousands of dollars to add to the joy!  Now I need to get busy and use up that new fabric and those patterns.

Thanks for stopping by!  "Talk" to you soon!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ying and Yang!

I was making the "Scrappy Trip" quilt---and still have every intention of completing it, but I have gotten TIRED of it.  I need to cut more strips and just wasn't "feeling it" anymore---so into the "to be picked up later" pile.
I looked through my pile of "to be done eventually quilt patterns and found the "Ying/Yang Quilt".  It is funny, I didn't want to cut out more strips, but I cut out enough parts to make 160 blocks---6.5  inches.  I have completed the "Yang" side (90 blocks) and am in the process of completing the "Ying" ones (70).  I used up some of my stash---a jelly roll and about 4 yards of unbleached muslin.  I am also adding a couple of borders---again from my stash.  Should be a nice BIG quilt for my BIG bed.  It is (thankfully) going relatively quickly so if I stay on target, I will have all the blocks completed and will start to put it together next week.
Tomorrow Diane gets here!!!!  Lots of fun planned ahead!  It is our annual trip to Paducah and the show which we both look forward to.  We have vowed to both be more selective in our purchases and even have lists.  We will see how focused we stay.  It is great to hang out with such a close friend.  We have had some stressful times in the last couple of months so we both need this to "recharge" our batteries.
What else is going on-------I am playing with purchasing a loom!  I have always been interested and have been doing some research on-line.  Going to a yarn shop is on the list of things Diane and I will investigate---so I may have yet another "hobby" to add.  Since I quilt, and dye my own fabric, it only makes sense I would think about truly "making" my own fabric (at least that is my reasoning to the hubby).  We will see.   While the looms themselves don't seem really expensive, particularly the starter ones, the accessories really are.  I could not be looking at the right things, and because I am so new to this, hopefully I am misinterpreting what I am reading....hence the visit to the shop.  I am not sure I want to invest a LOT of money to another hobby-----quilting is pretty expensive all by itself.  I could end up with not only a fabric stash, but a yarn stash as well.  At any rate, I am enjoying the research part of this, whether I move forward or not, I am learning a lot.
I will keep you informed as I begin yet another adventure!  
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 12, 2013

No Rest for the Weary!!!!

I have been very, very busy and sick!!!  Above is my quilting busy! I finished quilting my daughter's quilt.  I haven't thought of a name for it yet---but I love it.  I continue to be amazed at the texture that quilting gives a quilt!  I used one of my CL giant templates to quilt it---Swirl.   It is a perfect complement for the squares. (the light spots are reflections of the sun from the window).



My bath is all finished now and as I mentioned, I really now need to complete the others.  I am loving it!  I run my bath, light my candles, and pretend I am a lady of leisure.

I was working in the yard and was bitten by a spider! I had a bad reaction---lots of swelling (my middle finger); pain; antibiotics and now I am much better.  My finger is still swollen and the skin has peeled off, but other than that, I consider myself blessed since these types of bites can be really bad.  Moral of story----shake your garden gloves out before putting them on, better yet, store in the house in a zip lock bag!---or even better, hire someone to work in the yard!

Well, wanted to touch base with you.  Diane will be here in two weeks for our annual trip to AQS.  Given my bath renovations, I will have to be a bit more selective in my shopping, but shopping I plan to do!  I am counting the days!