Sunday, November 29, 2009


I got home from work on Thanksgiving day at around 8:00 PM and the family had already eaten as instructed. They remarked all the food was good so maybe I'll do the same thing at Christmas -- prepare the day before and pop it in the oven on Christmas Day.

My daughter, and a friend decided to go to the sales that began at midnight, so they and the friends daughter headed to the Mall. Now mind you, my daughter hadn't really laid down to nap at all. They came back for me at 3:00 AM and we went out to join the crowds at Wally-World for the kids toys. We were in-line to get my granddaughter a lap top, the store only had 51 and we were 53 in line! So no computer, not at the same price anyway.

At any rate, my daughter lasted until about 3:00 PM but I shopped until about 6:00. We did find some good deals though, so good, we went back out on Saturday! Today I am resting up, quilting some on my quilt and generally trying to get ready for tomorrow! All in all, it was fun. This shopping adventure is something of a tradition with my daughter and I. I think however next year my daughter says if she goes out at midnight, she will try to get in a nap!

Posted are pictures of the quilt I am quilting. I am using the Panto "Spin" from Willow Leaf. It is really turning out nice---hopefully you can see the design in the pictures. At this point my tension is great (Gutterman serger thread) on both the back and front!!! I am using a pale yellow---it is becoming my favorite "neutral". Next I am going to start on pillowcases for my grandchildren who will be coming for Christmas!

Hope your holiday was a joyous one!

BTW----Love you Diane!!! The kids send hugs and kisses to "Aunt Di".

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Off to Work!

I only work at the hospital two days a month, but my contract says I must work one of the major holidays---Thanksgiving is my holiday this year---so I am up and getting ready to head to work.

Yesterday I put my holiday meal together--so the mac/cheese; and dressing are in the fridge ready to pop into the oven. My cranberry sauce is made and my greens are also ready, needing to only be put back on the crock pot and heated up. The dinner rolls are frozen this year, since I have to work and the pie was purchased. I have put directions for everything on the fridge door for my daughter and DH to follow and they have instructions to eat without me since I will not be getting home until around 8 PM (I work a 12-hour shift). Oh yea, and the turkey is cooking in the roaster and looks (and smells) pretty good!--it should be ready by noon.

I have so much to be grateful for this year (as with every year). All 5 of our children are well and doing pretty good (even with the economy); our 6 grandbabies are absolutely wonderful and growing into wonderful individuals that I not only love but really like; my DH and I are also well and even though our budget can be a bit tight at times---like now (my honey is retired), I am still able to continue my very expensive hobby--quilting--without too much difficulty. The other members of our family are doing well too. I wish the world were a safer place and there weren't families who were stressed, worried and in some cases in crisis, but I feel that our country is headed in the right direction--and I know things will not be solved overnight, but at least it appears that our leaders are being thoughtful about the process. I am hopeful and prayerful and am just so thankful I am who I am, I live where I do, and I have family and friends!!!

Have a blessed day filled with good food, great friends and family and LOTS and LOTS of laughs! Think of me at work :-(


Monday, November 23, 2009

Tis the Season

Our second son was born on December 15th. My birthday is December 8 and I know what it is like to not really have a birthday party because your birthday is in December. It never seemed fair to me, even as a little girl, since it wasn't my fault that I was born in December. Our son's birthday is even closer to Christmas but we always tried to make sure he had a "real" birthday celebration. Part of that celebration was putting up the Christmas tree.

My Grandson decided yesterday we needed to get into the Christmas spirit (it could have been related to the fact that he wants a special Christmas present and figured if we had the "spirit" we would be likely to tell Santa the importance of this gift). At any rate, he put on Christmas music and talked his Poppi into putting up the tree. Now normally I want to at least wait until Thanksgiving but with Grandchildren, we throw all tradition out the window.

We therefore, put up the tree, although I am holding out opening the binds and "officially" showing the tree until Thanksgiving night. I have to admit though that it has put me in more of a "mood". It was fun looking at the ornaments that my children had made when they were younger than my grandson (yes, I still have them---all except the one made out of macaroni). It is loaded with ornaments which for me makes it perfect!!! My son however, is a bit "put out"---he wants to know why we aren't following tradition and putting it up on his birthday! Since he will be 40, I am a bit bewildered, but hopefully he will forgive me, since we will still have a celebration, just not with a tree!


Saturday, November 21, 2009


It seems like it has been forever since I have posted! It isn't that I haven't thought about it or checked for comments---it is just that my life has been rather dull! Nothing new to post about and when I had something I thought would be of interest, I didn't have a picture :-(

I have however been quilting away! I have actually finished quilting three quilts and am currently doing what I hate the most---sewing down binding.

I also went to a Guild Mystery Retreat and had the best time. I am posting the resulting quilt. I (of course) increased the size from 70 square inches to 86 square inches by adding another border. The quilt was designed by one of my Guild Sisters (Trish). We were told in preparation to cut 25 green 3.5 inch squares. When we got there she divided them up among everyone---so each quilt has a bit of each of us in it---hence the quilt name--"Tree of Friendship". She did a really good job! The picture really doesn't do the quilt justice. We sewed all day on last Saturday, had a yummy lunch of 4 different soups, got door prizes AND chocolate, and had a generally good time. I don't know about you, but quilting is such a solitary hobby, it is really nice to get together with others. Trish and Lindee were the organizers (this is actually the second year for it) but they say it is going to be the responsibility of someone to plan it next year. That person(s) will have a lot to live up to.

I am going to load my quilt up and quilt it in time (I hope) for the Guild Christmas Party the second Monday of next month. Hopefully I will have it done by then---probably not the binding, but at least in a state to Show-n'-Tell.

I am back on target now so hopefully will have something interesting to post about. Hope your week-end is going great!


Sunday, November 1, 2009


I took Judy's challenge over at Patchwork Times and joined Soctoberfest. The challenge was to finish a knitting project during the month of October. I took the challenge and did finish a pair of socks. Unfortunately, one sock fit me and the other fit my 9 year old grandson. Don't ask me what happened!!! I "thought" I was knitting the same number of rows, etc. but something happened! I don't know whether I should count it or not? I did start another pair thinking I would finish at least one---no such luck! Oh well, I guess it was the attempt that counted.

Hope all is well with you. I am have ordered some new dying equipment and even though it is getting cooler, I am going to try them once they get here! I am excited! AND really spending out of my budget. That is the last thing I am going to buy for myself! The holidays are approaching and I have GOT to not be so selfish!

Gotta go and finish my block for the BOM meeting. If I finish it I get this months for free!


Have a wonderful day----don't forget to set the clocks back!