Monday, November 23, 2009

Tis the Season

Our second son was born on December 15th. My birthday is December 8 and I know what it is like to not really have a birthday party because your birthday is in December. It never seemed fair to me, even as a little girl, since it wasn't my fault that I was born in December. Our son's birthday is even closer to Christmas but we always tried to make sure he had a "real" birthday celebration. Part of that celebration was putting up the Christmas tree.

My Grandson decided yesterday we needed to get into the Christmas spirit (it could have been related to the fact that he wants a special Christmas present and figured if we had the "spirit" we would be likely to tell Santa the importance of this gift). At any rate, he put on Christmas music and talked his Poppi into putting up the tree. Now normally I want to at least wait until Thanksgiving but with Grandchildren, we throw all tradition out the window.

We therefore, put up the tree, although I am holding out opening the binds and "officially" showing the tree until Thanksgiving night. I have to admit though that it has put me in more of a "mood". It was fun looking at the ornaments that my children had made when they were younger than my grandson (yes, I still have them---all except the one made out of macaroni). It is loaded with ornaments which for me makes it perfect!!! My son however, is a bit "put out"---he wants to know why we aren't following tradition and putting it up on his birthday! Since he will be 40, I am a bit bewildered, but hopefully he will forgive me, since we will still have a celebration, just not with a tree!


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