Friday, April 12, 2013

No Rest for the Weary!!!!

I have been very, very busy and sick!!!  Above is my quilting busy! I finished quilting my daughter's quilt.  I haven't thought of a name for it yet---but I love it.  I continue to be amazed at the texture that quilting gives a quilt!  I used one of my CL giant templates to quilt it---Swirl.   It is a perfect complement for the squares. (the light spots are reflections of the sun from the window).



My bath is all finished now and as I mentioned, I really now need to complete the others.  I am loving it!  I run my bath, light my candles, and pretend I am a lady of leisure.

I was working in the yard and was bitten by a spider! I had a bad reaction---lots of swelling (my middle finger); pain; antibiotics and now I am much better.  My finger is still swollen and the skin has peeled off, but other than that, I consider myself blessed since these types of bites can be really bad.  Moral of story----shake your garden gloves out before putting them on, better yet, store in the house in a zip lock bag!---or even better, hire someone to work in the yard!

Well, wanted to touch base with you.  Diane will be here in two weeks for our annual trip to AQS.  Given my bath renovations, I will have to be a bit more selective in my shopping, but shopping I plan to do!  I am counting the days!


  1. Just love the quilting! The CL templates really does an awesome job in giving depth and details to the quilt.
    Only 9 more days to AQS!! Can't wait! So much fun to be had all around!!!
    Hugs for now....

  2. Ohhh, so sorry to hear about the spider. Icky creatures. But necessary. Love the quilt and the texture created by the swirls. Have fun shopping. Lane


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