Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Your Advice Needed!

I have been puzzling (I think that is a word) over the binding on my Hexagon Quilt. I am going to leave the sides as is---I think it looks really neat that way and the original quilt was finished the same way, but I am wondering about the binding.

I usually use a straight on the grain double binding for my quilts. It uses less fabric and works well with the little binding tool I use (see some previous posts). At any rate, since I am not really going around curves, I could still use this type of binding, but what about the "peaks" and "valleys" of the sides. Should I miter the peaks? I guess if I don't rather than peaks, they will become rounded. What about the "valley"---do I miter those?---and if so, exactly how does one do that? Should I use a binding that is cut on the bias for more flexibility? Will this type of binding wear well---remember this is quilt is for a toddler and I really want it to be used---and prevent me from having sharp "peaks"?

Have any of you made a quilt like this? If so, how did you handle the binding? I am almost half finished with the quilting, so will have to make a decision soon.

Thanks in advance!!! Hugs!

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