Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fabric Purchase

I had to run out for an errand last evening. It just so happened, that errand took me next door to Joanne's. Where ever there is fabric I at least stop in and look. When I sewed primarily garments, I bought the majority of my fabric from Cloth World and later when it became Joanne's, I continued to shop there. Although I prefer Quilt Shops, unfortunately, there aren't any in close proximity to my home. I have also found that within the last year, the quality of fabric has increased significantly at Joanne's. They are carrying names long associated with quality fabric, in the case of the cupcake fabric, Michael Miller.

At any rate, with coupons in hand, I stopped at Joanne's and found that a large majority of their fabric was 30% to 40% off--so I couldn't use my coupons (this new rule I don't like). I purchased two fabric lengths that I plan to use on quilt backs. I think my backs should be as pretty as my fronts, so I usually buy fabric for this when it is on-sale, or with my coupons. Don't you love the cupcake fabric? I intend to put the two together for a pieced back. I am not sure for which quilt, but I've learned that if I buy something I like, I will always create a suitable quilt for it's use.

Only a few more days and then my "Best Bud" Diane will be here and we will be off to Puducah and loads of fun. I am saving the majority of my "quilt allowance" for that trip. I don't have a long list really---some threads, pantographs, templates (not as many since I have the Accucquilt Go!), some patterns and of course some batiks and hand dyes. My shopping has become more discriminate, since I am less likely to make impulse buys like I once did. I think I was just overstimulated with all the choices. At any rate, I am really looking forward to the time--one because I get to have some "girl time" with my quilting buddy!

Have a great day!

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