Saturday, April 11, 2009

No New News!

Just stopped by to say "hey"! I am going to get my lap top hooked up so I can post pictures, but until then I just wanted to make a brief visit.

We had more storms yesterday! Unfortunately, they were pretty bad. Several neighborhoods were hit pretty hard with a lost of life. The town that sustained a lot of damage is rather close to us--in fact I pass by it on my way to work. Although spring and summer are my favorite times of the year---in case of weather, it is the most dangerous because of the tornadoes. When we lived in Florida, people would always commit about the hurricanes--but honestly, you had so much advance warning, you could really prepare. That isn't the case with tornadoes, although the warning systems have gotten much better, people are often still caught off guard, or there really isn't anywhere to go.

We have a neat closet in our garage that is almost under a part of the house. We are going to have a contractor investigate and see if this maybe can't be turned into a storm shelter. My nephew in Oklahoma built a shelter in his garage so maybe we can see if this closet will do.

Well, I guess I will go and clean a bit and then do some piecing. I am working on the "Hidden Nine-Patch", binding the sampler, and finishing up knitting the first sock in pair for my I have to find time to cook somewhere in there.

Hope you day is a productive one!


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