Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Storms!

My DGD#1 spent the night last night. Her younger sister was having her 12th birthday sleep-over party and of course, a 15 year old is much too OLD to attend. Her sleep-over is at a local hotel---certainly not something her mother ever had for her birthday, but then that is another story beginning with NO money for such "back in the day"---at any rate, I really think that is a pretty good idea==you don't have to clean up before or after :-). My idea of a real party!!!

At any rate, I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I am married to a man who tries to be prepared for any emergency and is always on the alert to make sure we are secure. Last night we had terrible summer storms that in some states brought tornadoes. Our power went out last night---I of course was deep in sleep land, but I must say, at the time he woke me up, I was dreaming about going into a tornado shelter--very interesting isn't it. Now as I said my husband plans for times like this, as such, we have flashlights strategically placed throughout the house (one that is a wind-up one), and a wind-up radio, as well as a tiny little television (in fact 2), the kind that are the size of the old transistor radios. We have a tri-level house and we were sleeping on the top level, so my honey woke us all up and moved us to the lower level. My Granddaughter was very impressed with our planning--"wow, you have flashlights AND tv's AND radio's that don't need batteries!!!!" She said that any time there is bad weather, she thinks she will come over here---. We got our lights back within a couple of hours and thank goodness, nothing more than high winds. Today it is suppose to rain on and off so hopefully we will have a pretty good day. BTW, our big computer was fried with the lightening, even though we had surge protectors---but remember I have a husband who plans---we have 2 laptops AND in fact we also have wireless in the house--so life will go on!

Have a wonderful day and a blessed Easter holiday!!


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