Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thanks for the KIND comments!!!

As you have probably read in an earlier posting, I "submitted" to the First Annual Blogger Quilt Show. If you haven't had a chance to look, you really should. I haven't gotten a chance to go through them all, but I plan to spend some time today. Although I tell myself I am going to only look at the quilts to save time, I find the stories of the quilts make the actually picture so meaningful. There are funny stories, sad/touching ones and some that remind me of some of the experiences I have had.

I also must thank the people who took time and came by and left me a comment. Thank you so much!! I am trying to do the same, but I am taking so long in looking, and oooing, till I am really behind--but I will catch up :-).

I also want to share that in reading my post last Sunday, I was in a bit of a sad mood. My problem remains, but things are looking much better!!! I know everything will be okay--so I have decided to not worry!

I am currently working hard to get ready for Diane's visit!!!! We are going to have such a good time. I am cleaning and dusting and once finish, will forbid anyone to make a mess! Only three more days!!!!!



  1. I like to read the stories too, but makes the tour so much longer!


  2. I so know what you mean! I am having such a great time seeing the quilts and reading the stories. Thankfully, they'll all probably be there even after the week is done, because I have no hope of actually seeing them all in that time! :)


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